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Assessment 1 – Project
This will be an individual assessment.
Students will need to perform simulated tasks and prepare related documentations to submit.
Trainer will set the duration of the assessment.
ICT Business Analysis - Assessment Task 1 LAST UPDATED: March 2018, Version No. 1.0
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You are working in a College dedicated to IT subjects, part of the ideology of this College is to offer courses online and multi-media learning resources, this kind of activities are highly dependent of the emerging technologies, but are a key factor in terms of competitiveness.
Your work is to make sure the College always can offer peak technology services to its students, for that purpose you should design a plan of activities and monitoring for integrating the emerging technologies into the operation of the college, in that plan you should contemplate the next aspects:
a) Processes for identifying the key stakeholders (companies or organisations that lead the world’s technology).
b) Monitoring the emergence of new technologies and procedures for their evaluation and adoption.
c) Strategy for ensuring budget for affording the evolution in technologies (software, equipment, human resources, etc.)
Part B:
The College is now looking for launching a new Web site in which the college’s information, story, contacts should be displayed and its products can be sold. The college does not have any IT department or IT personnel; basically the launching of the Web site involves three aspects:
1) Creating an design of the site
2) Hosting
3) Maintenance
Your task is to analyse the following three alternatives in terms of cost, human resources and implementation time.
a) Contract a specialised external provider.
b) Creating an IT department, hiring IT professionals and acquiring equipment for hosting the Web site.
c) Using free access Web platforms and free software for the creation and publishing of the Web site.
Prepare a document enlightening the advantages and disadvantages of each one of the previous approaches.
ICT Business Analysis - Assessment Task 1 LAST UPDATED: March 2018, Version No. 1.0
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Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1237 words including References

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