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Assessment Task 3 - One 5000-word essay
Select one education policy area, e.g. performance management, early childhood education policy, STEM education policy. Write a comparative analysis of two different countries, states or education settings. The essay should contain the following content.
1. Present an overview of the concepts of 'policy and 'education policy in particular. Use relevant readings to further explain and illustrate these concepts.
2. For the policy area that you have selected, an overview the origins of current policy in two different countries or education settings.
3. Describe the background of the policy in each setting, the significant recent developments and its current content/status.
4. Contrast and critically analyse the policy implementation that has occurred. This section will include a review of the literature concerned with the selected policy area and the two selected settings.
5. Include a discussion of the possible future direction that this policy will take and justify your arguments.
6. Draw conclusions about your findings.
Ideally, one of the countries or settings that you select for this assignment will be the same as that selected for Assignment 2 and this writing will expand and deepen your understanding. A comprehensive use of relevant literature is expected throughout your work Writing that cites literature from the past decade will generally score more highly than that which cites older literature. Similarly, it is expected that you will source references more widely than those provided on the reading lists
The due date for the essay is 23 October 2019 at 5 pm
Your assignment will automatically be submitted to Tumitin, text matching software, when you first submit it. Please make sure you submit early and have time to check the Tumitin report to check that you have adequately and appropriately referenced all quoted materials according to APA6 referencing style'

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 5822 words including References

Title: A comparative analysis of VET education policy of Australia and New Zealand

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