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Hi this is assignment of Health Economics and Comparative Health Systems . It is of 2000 words.
With reference to structure, financing and governance, compare and contrast two health care systems.
Outline the advantages and disadvantages of each system.
Comment on the proportion of the health budget allocated to public health within each system.
- Cover Page
- Table of Contents
- Executive Summary (300) words maximum): This section provides a short summary of the main points being presented in the report. This section does not add to the total word count of the assignment.
- Introduction (approximately 400 words): This section (one paragraph) provides a context for the report by introducing the topic and purpose of the report (i.e. mapping and evaluating the sustainability of healthcare system), briefly introducing your healthcare system and proving the structure of the assignment (i.e. how you organised your text).
- Discussion of Findings (approximately 1000 words): In this section, you will analyse your findings based on the sustainability of this model in view of the aging population, increased chronic disease, ever-increasing costs of technology and the demand on the entire healthcare system.
- Recommendations (approximately 500 words): Based on the above, if you were a consultant working for this healthcare system, what general recommendations would you make? You must address the aging population, increased chronic disease, increasing costs of technology and the demand on the entire healthcare system.
- References: List of references used in the report, including at least 20 academic references and relevant in text citations.
Please have a look at marking criteria and make the assignment according to that.

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