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Title of project
This should be a clear description of your proposed research project.
Background and context of project
This section should explain the background and context of the proposed research work with an indication of the main contribution to knowledge which you wish to make. Indicate why this area is an important area for research.
Aims and objectives
This section should spell out three or four aims/objectives for your research to show what you want to achieve.
Literature review
This section is a review of the literature which should outline the most important research that has already been carried out in your research area.
Research methodology
This section is a broad outline of the methodology you plan to use including:
• the broad approach?—?qualitative, quantitative etc
• how data/information will be generated and gathered and how you expect to deal with and analyse that data
• Indication of any broad theoretical framework you may be using
• ethical considerations where the research involves interaction with humans or animals and where applicable, how consent would be obtained.
Resources required
This section outlines the resources required for the project.
Research plan and timetable
This section should summarise the steps and approximate timing within a four-week schedule.
This section is a list of all the references that have been referred to in the proposal.

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