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Case Study
Pro-Go Pty Ltd Scenario
The scenario provides you with a brief overview of a hypothetical project for a real-life organisation.
Be aware that the scenario may not cover every detail that you will need to address in the White
Paper, in which case, you will need to conduct additional research, including further research into
the industry concerned.
[Pro-Go Pty Ltd is a privately-owned manufacturer of small, high-quality action cameras based in
Geelong, Victoria. Founded in 2004 it has enjoyed continuous year-on-year growth until the last
financial year. Pro-Go has a track record of innovation, and technology that provides excellent quality results in a small package able to operate with small batteries for extended periods of time. The video files these cameras produce are known for having superior colour, and operate effectively in lower lighting conditions than competitor’s cameras. They are also marketed on the basis of their extreme ruggedness, and reliability. Much of the technology used in its devices has been patented by Pro-Go and is not currently available to other manufacturers.
The Pro-Go management team has recognised that the ability to capture videos is now a feature of
most phones. It suggests to them that the future of the stand-alone camera may be limited. Pro-Go’s
CEO has requested the executive team meet independently to develop a strategy to guide the
company over the next five years.]
1.Nominate the preferred strategy option (Reduce cost) and state why you believe it to be so; and
2. Discuss the implications specifically relating to your part of the business as the operations manager , and what challenges these might represent. Separate the discussion into short-term and long-term issues.
You must address the assessment task from the perspective of Operations Manager’s responsibility. Integrate theory in your white paper.
Report Structure:
• Introduction - Provide background and context to the report. Tell the reader what has happened in the past that has led to this report being needed.
• Aim - State in a single sentence what this report is seeking to achieve.
• Discussion - Cover the key themes you wish to address. (Answer to above 1st and 2nd questions and analyse internal environment as well.)
Note: Tthe strategy is Reduce cost. So, you have to write as the Operations Manager of the company. You should use minimum 07 references.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 712 words including References

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