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Working with a client sport focussed organisation or community based in Australia (as chosen by the student) the student is required to develop a sport event research report and concept for the client or host community. The student should note that they will be using this client or community for all three assignments in this unit
The primary objective (300 words)
Identify and analyse a suitable organisational primary objective that would be suitable for the host community or organisation to achieve via a sport based event. Note this is not identifying the primary objective of the event, but rather the primary objective of the organisation that a sport based event could achieve.
PAPER Test (500 words)
The student must do a PAPER test to identify secondary objectives/strategies, plus the tactics for achieving them for the proposed sport event
• Promotion o Marketing and communication strategies that inform the marketplace about the event
• Audience o Groups potentially interested in attending or participating in the event
• Partnerships o Beneficial relationships established to enhance the event experience or provide necessary resources
• Environment o Factors that can directly or indirectly affect the success of the event
• Revenue o Positive financial returns of the event
This must be In New South Wales in Sydney
Above the files are attached for the essay. please just follow the task and in the end refenrences.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 986 words including References

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