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Part 2 Submission Preparation Instructions:
When you are ready to submit you will upload two files: a Microsoft Word .docx file and a working Tableau dashboard, submitted as a packaged Tableau file (.twbx). You have practiced how to create .twbx files in your practicals using the File menu in Tableau:
A .twbx file combines your data and dashboard into one file and we need this for assessment and marking.
Warning! If the marker cannot open the dashboard in Tableau the assignment you will be given 0 marks for this part of the assignment – you are not able to re-submit your work.
• Once submitted do not edit any electronic files of your work.
• Assignments submitted late, without an extension being granted, will attract a penalty of 10 marks per each working day or any part thereof beyond the due date and time. Please refer to the Course Outline for the course policy regarding extensions.
• An incorrectly or partially filled cover sheet will result in lost marks and delays in the marking and return of your assignment.

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