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Inter-Cultural Practices (Jul-19)
Assessment Task 4: Major 2000-word Essay Due (on or before) 14th October 2019
Choose one question from the options given below:
1. How are power and culture theorized in the culture-development discourse?
2. Translation scholarship has demonstrated a growing emphasis on the collective control or shaping of cultural knowledge. With reference to at least two translated texts, critically discuss how culture and power impact on translation and on the much broader issues of development practice?
3. The paradox that development can be seen as defunct and yet in the next step expounded as the only way forward is deeply embedded in modern culture. Therefore, any alternative to development must open paths to move beyond the modern Western culture. Discuss.
4. The emergence in the Andes Region and Ecuador of Buen Vivir, (living well or collective well-being) are seen as new guiding principles
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