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S2-2019-CIS8010- Information Systems Project Management Assignment 3
Due date: Assignment 3
Due Dates: Refer to course website
Value: See the course website (Marked out of 100 for each item)
Description: Professional Business Report
General Requirements
• Email submission will NOT be accepted in any circumstances.
• Each assignment should be packaged as one single PDF file and then submitted ONLY via the link provided through the course study desk. Assignment submission in any other format or by any other means will be treated as a non-submission.
• All assessment items are individual submissions.
• You are encouraged to discuss the assignment requirements with others to improve your understanding and to clarify requirements, but you should develop the solutions to the assessment items on your own.
• The solution should be in the context of the selected organization in the industry mentioned below. You are allowed to select an organization in the industry mentioned below to demonstrate the requirements of this assignment.
Assignment 1, 2 and 3 covers the following objectives partially or fully of the course
No. Objectives Assignments
1 explain core concepts of IS project management 1,2
2 prepare a project plan including selection of project, timeline, scope, and cost factor for the successful project selection 1, 2 & 3
3 apply practical aspects of project management software application 3
4 demonstrate the skills required to be able to become successful future project management managers. 3
Assessment Details (CIS8010 Information Systems Project Management)
The objective of this assignment is to assess your understanding of basic project management concepts and your proficiency in using project management software to produce project charts and reports. In particular, the assignment focuses on the following project management knowledge areas in the PMBOK: project integration management, project scope management, project time management and project cost management.
Your task is to develop a project case to incorporate “5G” technologies for a major private hospital in major capital city. There are many branches of this business. The development is for a private healthcare business which attracts domestic and international customers from all walks of life including adults, teenagers, children and senior citizens, on a cost recovery basis.
The business attracts around 300,000 customers per year. The various business Information Systems are quite dated, coming with a number of legacy systems, and the efficiency of the systems in producing management reports and communication technologies are found to be lacking.
The management board decided to incorporate “5G” technologies to accommodate both local and remote customers through “5G” technologies. The immediate task at hand is to develop a Project plan including financial modelling aspects, scope of the project, human resource requirements, scheduling tasks, and customer relationship system requirements. The management board would like to see an integrated, up-to-date “5G” technologies being developed that can operate both for local as well as remote potential customers, but can also provide telehealth services to customers through the latest handheld wireless devices by utilizing the full potential of “5G” technologies. The existing infrastructure has been updated with new core systems but require additional enhancement to support wireless and telehealth technologies through the 5G network.
The current environment does have a wireless interface to support the wider use of “telehealth technologies” but the management board is concerned with the amount of traffic over the wireless technology infrastructure for this healthcare service provider base business organisation. There are 1000 employees, some of whom access the various systems from remote locations.
Your task is to develop a business professional report for the CEO of the business. In the business report, you are expected to provide a complete business/project plan management document to provide an initial idea and scope as to the costs of the project. Your business/project plan management document submission should include the following as per the assignment requirements below.
Note: there are two parts of this assignment. You will produce a single report, to be submitted on the due date.
Assignment 3 – (Part 1) Project Plan (15% marks)
Due Dates: Refer to course website
In the project plan you must at least do the following adequately:
1 Make necessary assumptions with justifications about the business and articulate to incorporate “5G” technologies (one page maximum).
2 Provide a summary of expanding your ICT unit to to incorporate “5G” technologies (one page maximum).
3 Provide an initial estimated quality, cost & other resource structure with appropriate justifications (using project management software) to meet the organizational needs within the scope to incorporate “5G” technologies (one page for cost structure; one page for resource structure; and one page for justification).
4 Develop a time sheet with key project aspects such as milestones, slack etc to indicate how long will it take to deploy “5G” technologies (two pages maximum)
5 Provide a complete project plan (PERT & GANTT Chart), with brief interpretations for non-technical board members (two pages maximum).
Assignment 3 – (Part 2) Written Report (20% marks)
In the written report, you must at least do the following adequately:
1 Provide a complete cost benefit analysis, with brief interpretations for nontechnical board members (one-page maximum).
2 Provide a set of recommendations as to how the project can be managed. This should discuss various aspects that are covered in course text book. You can choose appropriate aspects to suit your modeling techniques (one-page maximum).
3 Provide a set of recommendations as to how the project integration can be managed. (one-page maximum).
4 Provide an implementation plan detailing time, cost and resource schedules. This is a project management document and you must fully demonstrate your skills in presenting a project management plan (two pages maximum).
5 Provide a comprehensive post-implementation plan. (one-page maximum).
6 Provide a Recommendation & Conclusion with supporting arguments (half page maximum).
Other requirements for all the above assignments
n You are required to thoroughly research your work and provide citations and references for all information used as per the USQ Referencing guidelines.
n For this assignment, you MUST use a plagiarism detection application to ensure that your work is plagiarism free. Please note that TURNITIN can take time to generate the report, and you are advised to submit your assignment through TURNITIN or any other application well in advance to avoid last minute delays (you are not required to submit plagiarism report).
n You have the freedom to use any business report-writing format of your choice, as long as the report is professional and presentable.
n The word count allows for a variation of 5%. The markers will stop reading beyond this.
n You assume the responsibility to ensure the report you are producing is of high quality, including plagiarism and collusion checks. You do NOT need to produce a plagiarism report with the assignment. However, the markers will undertake these checks (using any tools that you have access to), and if any integrity issues are found you will be awarded a score of zero and the work will constitute ‘Academic Misconduct’.
n The assignment submission website will be closed after five working days so that the assignments can be distributed to markers.
n Any queries regarding these assignments will be closed two working days before the submission date.
n Email submission will NOT be accepted in any circumstances.
n The entire report including appendices must be packaged as one single PDF file and then submitted.
n Late submission penalty will apply as per the USQ/BELA policies and procedures
n Formatting Requirements:
o Margins: - Minimum 2 cm, maximum 2.5 cm all around.
o Font: - Times New Roman, sizes are 12 for the text and 14 for headings.
n File Naming: - For all assessment items please follow the following digital file naming convention (if you do not follow this you will lose marks):
o Student last name_Assessment_Name #_CISXXXX_Student USQ ID o For example, the first assignment for CIS8004 submitted by Joe Bloggs, student # 005890420163. If I (Mr. Joe Bloggs) were uploading this assessment item, file would be named as follow: o Bloggs_A1_CIS8004_005890420163.doc
n Referencing Requirements: - Harvard referencing format is the acceptable standard
n Standard formatting requirements (A4 page, Single space, 12 font size, and 2.5 CM margins) for the business report
Marking criteria –
Marking criteria for Assignments will be provided through the course website.

There are 2 files including Word Document and an Excel Document

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 4256 words including Tables and References

Editable Microsoft Excel Workbook
Worksheet Count: 1 worksheet

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