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Due date: Sunday, 6 October 2019 11-59 PM IN TURNITIN Weighting: 40%
Length: 2000 words (+/- 10%), correctly referenced
Question 1
Penelope and Norman are students at Elite Education. Penelope enjoys arts and crafts in her free time, such as knitting and making soap and candles. In fact, she is so good at these things that her friends have often asked her to bring some of her soap or candles as gifts to birthday parties.
Norman also enjoys arts and crafts in his spare time. Norman is a very skilled wood worker and often makes wonderful bowls, cutting boards and statues out of wood. His friends also often ask for some of his items as birthday presents.
Penelope and Norman decide to open a business together, selling their products at various markets around Sydney on weekends. Currently, they are sole traders and their business is doing very well. Recently, they decided to create a website and sell their products online. This has been enormously successful and both are now earning over $300,000 a year as a result of increased online sales.
Penelope and Norman come to you for advice on how to structure their business. They are now growing, having recently hired employees and need a business structure that is tax effective and makes it easier to raise capital. They also want to limit their liability in case anything should ever go wrong. They have tentatively chosen the name “P&N Industries” as a name for their business, but they are unsure of this name is available.
Advise Penelope and Norman of the features, advantages and disadvantages of the various business structures available in Australia. You should also advise them, whether or not, their chosen business name is available by checking the ASIC website. Advise them of what type of company they should register, the steps that need to be taken to incorporate and register a company and the advantages and disadvantages of running the business as a company.
Question 2
Stanley is a shareholder in Nelson Electronics Ltd. The company's constitution has a clause that stated that Stanley was the accountant of the company and that he cannot be removed, unless he commits gross negligence. Stanley worked for the company as an accountant for a number of years. However, the directors recently decided to stop employing him even though they were satisfied with his work. He was not a shareholder and not a director of the company.
Advise Stanley on whether he can prevent the company from terminating his services. Your answer needs to consider relevant Australian company law. (Please do not consider employment or fair work legislation).
Would your answer have been different is Stanley was a shareholder of the company at the time he was fired?
1 2
Assessment Criteria Fail
You will have shown evidence of the following:
• the written expression is poor and difficult to understand (spelling and grammar require improvement)
• the answer is poorly organised
• referencing is generally inadequate
• lack of familiarity with the legislation and its application
• failure to identify and address the issues in the question • reasoning and application of law demonstrated is poor.
You will have:
• made a conscientious attempt to address the topic and/or answer the question
• shown evidence of having done the required reading and of having understood the reading
• presented a reasonable argument to back up your conclusions
• demonstrated a reasonable level of spelling and grammatical usage
• used referencing but this may need improvement
• issues that may need to be identified and addressed in more depth.
You will have:
• addressed the topic and/or answered the question directly
• presented soundly based arguments and backed these up with reasons
• gone beyond description to analysis of key issues
• used the English language well
• shown evidence of reading widely • demonstrated understanding of the reading • used referencing that is satisfactory.
2 3
You will have:
• met the above criteria for a credit, and
• demonstrated a high degree of understanding of the concepts of the course
• demonstrated deep insight into the application of knowledge and skills required in the course to complex theoretical and practical situations
• used referencing correctly
• made reference to all appropriate legislation. High Distinction
You will have:
• met the above criteria for a distinction, and
• demonstrated an outstanding level of achievement regarding the objectives of this course
• demonstrated an interesting and/ or original approach/ idea/ argument
• demonstrated mastery of the relevant referencing system
• ensured conclusions are backed by well-reasoned arguments demonstrating a detailed insight and analysis of issues • ensured references are made to the appropriate legislation for particular issues.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1990 words including References

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