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Your textbook highlights that women tend to have less power in organisations than men. To demonstrate gender differences in power, just look at the gender composition of Executive Boards for top performing companies. As of 2015, only 18.8 percent of Fortune 1000 company boards seats were occupied by women. We have also covered material that highlights that diverse groups may be more creative and innovative, and decision making is more accurate when a group has a variety of perspectives. A recent review of 140 studies found that having women on an executive board boosted returns, especially in countries with stronger shareholder protections. Boards with greater gender diversity are better at monitoring company performance and engage in strategic involvement. Other research suggests that diverse executive boards are NOT always beneficial.
Many countries are trying to improve their economies by creating quotas that promote gender-diverse boards. As of 2008, Norway requires women to hold 36 percent of board seats. France passed legislation in 2011 to promote gender-diverse boards. As a result of the last, 48 percent of new directorships were held by women in 2013.
Question1:Do you think using a quota system to promote gender diversity in the workplace is a good idea? Why or Why not?
Support your answers where possible with real examples from case studies or research. [1000 words]
Question 2: Why do you think some countries have more gender diverse boards than others? What is the situation with Board Diversity in Australia? [700 words ]
Question 3: Discuss the possible reasons that leaders may led to abuse their position and ignore others' needs.
Support your answers where possible with real examples from case studies or research. [ 800 words ]
Total word count: 2500 words
Due date: 15 oct

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2951 words including References


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