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Assignment on case study report: 1500 words
Due by 10th october
Case study is about the program SLES (School Leavers Employment Supports), run by Breakthru community college that provides necessary training to the people with disability of age group 18 to 24 years of year 12 school leaver that helps for their transition from school to work.
Development or Evaluation Plan:
I would like to recommend necessary survey for the participants as well as their parents or family members to acquire feedback on the training provided. Conducting survey enables the organisation to measure the effect of the program, raise their awareness of strengths and identify actions to be taken to improve. Since, there was no proper feedback taken direct from the participants but was optional in which either consultant or participants fill out the feedback form. This will not provide clear information on progress in their learning and necessary needs of the individuals. Therefore, individual survey form need to be provided to the participants having both open and closed question at the end of the training session being anonymous. This will enables participants to feel free in mentioning any area they were not satisfied by being open and honest.
Similarly, taking an interview with the parents or family members will be more helpful to achieve necessary feedback for the progress of the pogram. Since, parents gets more concerned about their children’s health and capability, they can able to deliver better information regarding their children’s achievements as well as further improvements in specific area. As a result, able to provide client-centred care and builds therapeutic relationship.
Note: the above evaluation plan was recommended by me in the previous assignment for the breakthru community college, so in this assessment need to make further report according to this. Thank you!
Rationale Public health programs are diverse and multidimensional with varied success due to numerous in?uences on outcomes. The rationale for this task is to provide an opportunity for students to use their acquired theory surrounding program development and evaluation and assess a public health program currently implemented. Often public health programs take many years to be developed or show change and are hard to measure during a short placement period. However, students will have the opportunity to develop and assess programs that have been implemented over a period of time to see if impact on desired outcomes are occurring. Students will be required to think laterally about the how to conduct the development and evaluation from an ePlatform.
Students are required to write a program development or evaluation report under the following headings on the program or health initiative identi?ed in previous assessment.

1. Program title Introduction and background: Brief outline of the health issue and program elements/methods
2. Aim: What was the primary outcome of the proposed program or aim of the evaluation?
3. Method: Outline the methods used to develop and evaluate the program (quantitative and/or qualitative, who, what, where and how)
4. Analysis and ?ndings: How have you analysed the information collected. Present your results here
5. Recommendations: For the ?ndings, what are your ?nal recommendations you can make for the future of the program (is it sustainable? What barriers need to be considered are timeframes realistic to address this health issue?) How would you go about it and what would you hope to achieve? How will you ensure it is e?ective?
You will be assessed on the following:
1. - The quality of the background information on the health issue and program outlined.
2. - A clearly identi?ed aim
3. -The quality and rationale of your chosen methods to conduct your development/assessment, who you have included as stakeholders and the variety of methods you have chosen to collect data
4. - The analysis you have conducted of the data and ?ndings you have presented in a clear scholarly manner (use of tables and ?gures where necessary)
5. - The recommendations you have developed based on your research and ?ndings are feasible and can be implement by your placement organisation.
2. The SLES Provider Handbook (PDF 721KB)
Marking Criteria:

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1667 words including References

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