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Criteria used to grade this task:
Group Assignment
1. Present relevant content and ideas to inform and persuade the audience.
2. Work co-operatively as a member of a team.
3. Provide a rationale and critically analyse the factors selected.
4. Demonstrate research, data acquisition & referencing.
5. Apply and Integrate theories (cross discipline) and suggest a theoretical model/s address the identified opportunity and threat.
6. Consider the feasibility of the proposals your team has suggested.
7. Provide a summary of each student's contribution to the final submissions — for the Video and the Report.
8. Two (2) Professional bound report- One (1) for Host Company; One (1) for AAPoly (Register)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2503 words including Graph and References

Selected Organization: Stanmore Mcdonalds

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