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Strategic Communication Research
Qualitative and Quantitative Report
The assignment is due on Tuesday, September 24 at 11.59 pm through Turnitin.
• From the focus group, develop a short report on the group and possible messages using the communication matrix available on the LMS. Focus group questions are to be included.
• A short example is provided called emotion message – GM matrix on the LMS. A blank example is also provided for you to complete.
• In order to complete this section, you are to do a short survey (5 or 6 people) to test the messages and provide a recommendation based on the results of the focus group research. Use the template provided and follow the GM matrix.
• Then design a small survey for 5-6 people testing the key messages.
• Compile the results of the report into a research report of not more than 1200 words.
• The report should identify and contrast results from desk, qualitative and quantitative and if applicable observational research. It should provide a clear recommendation to the client.
• This report will provide the basis for the Research, Action, Communication and Evaluation Report which is the final assignment of the unit.
The topic is environmental conservation based on an example of the last issue “Amazon is burning”.
The Issue should be evaluated under these basic desires and its personality traits
Power: Power tells us whether an individual craves leadership or responsibility, or would rather work in a service capacity.
Independence: Independence reveals how a person forms their relationship with regard to autonomy or in association with other people.
Curiosity: Curiosity reveals the importance of “knowledge” in a person’s life, and why they want to acquire knowledge.
Acceptance: Acceptance shows who, or what a person uses to construct a positive self-image.
Order: The strength of the basic desire of Order shows how much structure of flexibility a person needs in their life.
Saving: Saving has its evolutionary origin on the storing of supplies. The strength of this basic desire shows how important it is emotionally for a person to have possessions.
Honour: Honour reveals whether an individual seeks to remain true to their principles, or is goal-oriented.
Idealism: Idealism considers the altruistic element of morality, and reveals the importance of responsibility with respect to fairness and social justice.
Social Contact: Social Contact shows the importance of social acquaintances. Here, the quantity of contacts in significant.
Family: Family reveals how strong the desire to care for others is (with regard to a person’s own children).
Status: Status is the desire either to be “conspicuously different” from others in an elitist sense, or to be ordinary and like everyone else.
Vengeance: Vengeance is chiefly about comparing oneself to others. It includes on the one hand aggression and retaliation, and harmony and conflict-avoidance on the other.
Romance: Romance reveals the importance of sensuality in an individual’s life. Beside sex, this desire includes all other aspects of sensuality, e.g. design, art, and beauty.
Eating: Eating seeks to determine the importance of eating in a person’s life. How much does the pleasure of eating well contribute to a satisfying life?
Physical Activity: Physical Activity reveals the importance of physical activity (at work or playing sport) for a satisfying life.
Tranquility: Tranquility can also be described as emotional stability. It identifies the importance of stable emotional relations for a satisfying life.
? You should choose about 5 basic desires and based on that to create messages as an example below. Personally, I have chosen Curiosity, Idealism, Order, Social contact and family based on my topic.
GM Matrix Example: GM Food
Pathos Pro Anti
GM food gives improved flavour What are you really putting in your mouth
Order Nature at its best The Frankenstein of food.
Family Healthier for you family Why risk it with your family.
4. Saving Longer shelf life Saving a little now may cost you a lot in the future
5. Idealism We can feed the food with GM food The ultimate in animal testing.
Pro Scores Average
1 . Eating 4.42
2. Order 3.42
3. Family 3.71
4. Saving 6.57
5. Idealism 6.85
1. Idealism
2. Family
3. Order
4. Eating
5. Saving
Anti Scores Average
1. Eating 6.85
2. Order 6.57
3. Family 6.57
4. Saving 6.28
6. Idealism 8.0
1. Idealism
2. Family.
3. Saving.
4. Eating
5. Order.
The campaign for GM food is facing strong opposition and all the messages developed in focus groups indicate that there would be strong community opposition to the development.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1694 words including References

Title: Amazon is burning

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