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The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate how you will assess the needs of a whole family located within a rural area, and to identify the strategies you will implement to assist them in living a healthy life through improving their health literacy.
You have been working as the School Nurse at Yarrowyck combined school where you care for the children from grade prep through to Year 12.
Yesterday, the Grade 1/2 teacher (JennyTaylor) visited you out of concern for 7 year old Maisie Smyth, granddaughter of Robert Smyth. Jenny feels that Maisie has been withdrawn of late, and has noticed that she often has no lunch to eat. When on yard duty yesterday, Jenny had looked for Maisie and found her asleep under a tree. When Jenny asked Maisie why she was sleeping instead of playing with friends, Maisie insisted she was -just tired-.
This morning you have arranged for Maisie and two other grade one girls to help you set up a lunchtime disco. You ask Maisie how she has been and she bursts into tears, telling you that -mum and dad keep fighting, and I think they will break up-. You ask Maisie if she feels safe at home, and she nods her head, saying -yes-. You then ask her if she would like you to call her mum or her dad. Again she says yes, and follows it up with -Both of them. Tell them that I need them to stop fighting now-.
Steps. There are two parts to this paper
PART ONE (500 words)
1. Provide a brief overview of the case study, highlighting the important information.
2. Identify one actual problem and one potential problem from the information gathered, and determine how you, as the School nurse, can provide interventions to support Maisie and her parents during this time.
3. Provide rationales for the interventions you suggest and cite evidence supporting your chosen rationale.
4. Each intervention should also include a method for evaluating it's success.
PART TWO (2000 words)
Write a short essay that demonstrates you understanding of child abuse and neglect, including the potential harm they can have on the child. Then, outline your role as a School Nurse in the process of Mandatory Reporting when you have good evidence to suggest that Maisie is at risk of significant harm (Maisie keeps coming to school with no lunch and has visibly lost weight. Parents have refused all resources offered or provided for nutrition).
1. Headings and sub-headings may be used in part one of this assessment. The second part of the assessment must be written in an essay format that includes an introduction, body and conclusion. No sub-headings are to be used in the second part of the assessment
2. APA 6th addition referencing style should be used for in-text referencing and reference list. Do not include references in the reference list if you have not used it as an in-text reference.
3. Use the marking rubric to guide you as you prepare your reflection.
4. Submit the assessment (remember to check the turn it in score prior to submission).
5. rubrics below to guide you as you prepare your reflection.
This activity will allow you to demonstrate your ability to:
LO1: relate the social determinants of health to the experience of individuals, families, and communities and identify how this influences the scope and nature of nursing practice in primary and community settings;
LO2: apply the principles of primary health care when working as a nurse in primary and community care;
LO3: identify and respond in culturally appropriate ways to diversity among individuals, communities, and populations;
LO4: discuss the role of the nurse in areas of focus in primary and community nursing such as maternal and child health, sexual health, and domestic violence;
LO5: identify the relationship between health literacy and social determinants of health and participate in and critically evaluate a range of health promotion strategies; and
Structure and presentation
Your response should follow essay format (Introduction- identify the model of reflection you will use, body [using the above headings], and a conclusion). You are required to use complete paragraphs and are not allowed to use dot points, lists or tables. As this is a reflective paper you are allowed to use personal pronouns (I, me, mine, etc.)
You need to include in-text referencing (using resources as described above) and a Reference list. APA is the required referencing style in the School of Health.
Reading list
You should review the following sources before starting this assessment. These sources may be used within your reference list but you will also need to do some research of your own. A good rule of thumb is 1 reference for every 100-200 words within an essay.
Australian Institute of Family Studies. (2017). Mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect. Retrieved from:
Nurses and Midwifery Board of Australia [NMBA]. (2017). Registered Nurse standards for practice. Retrieved from:

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2737 words including References

Title: Child abuse and prevention

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