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Complete the following tasks:
1. Read the scenario below
2. Respond to the question by conducting relevant research and writing a business report
3. Present your report professionally using the report template provided
You must reference at least six (7) sources of information including all of the following:
• Core text: Two(2)or more sections of text.
• Two (2) scholarly journal articles
• Tree (3) other sources from an industry publication, government or professional association
• Two (3) other reputable sources
You must NOT reference the following:
• Wikipedia
• Blogs
• Newspaper articles
You are a graduate of the Bachelor of Applied Commerce who has recently been employed by a small
business offering accounting services and a range of financial advice to local individuals and
The Managing Director wants to attract new clients using social media, but in a recent staff meeting,
a number of ethical issues and risks associated with the use of social media were raised as objections to this strategy.
The Managing Director has asked you to conduct research and write a 2,000-words report:
1. arguing the benefits of social media in business;
2. informing staff about potential ethical issues and risks associated with using social media
to promote financial business services, and
3. recommending a minimum of six guidelines to address ethical issues and mitigate risks you have identified.
Consider at least four (4) of the following issues in your report:
• Appropriate social media platforms for business
• Transparency and accuracy of information
• Security of information – potential for hacking
• Ethical concerns, including respecting copyright
• Privacy and confidentiality
• Other issues and risks you have identified via research
Word count: 2,000 words (+ or – 10%) – NOT including executive summary and references.
• You must use the report template provided to produce your report.
• Your report must have a cover page that is formatted to a professional standard.
• You must include a one-page executive summary summarising the issues and guidelines.
• You may incorporate relevant images, tables and diagrams, but this is optional.
• Images, tables and diagrams (if used) must be captioned and referenced appropriately.
• Your name and student number should appear in the document header.
• You should include the word count (excluding executive summary and references) at the end
of your report.
• Your references and in-text citations must be formatted in the Harvard AGPS style
Report Template
Save this document using the following file naming format:
First name_Last name_Name of Subject_Assessment number.docx
Before uploading:
1. Update relevant headings (see page 3).
2. Remove all red text.
This page is the “title page”.
Report title
Name of subject
Name and number of assessment
Student name and number
Due date of assessment

Executive Summary
Write this section last, after you have written the rest of the report
Provide one or two paragraphs that briefly outline the main points or issues.
Delete this section if it is not required.
This report identifies and examines …………..

Executive Summary 2
Introduction 4
Area for analysis – CHANGE THESE HEADINGS 4
Area for analysis CHANGE THESE HEADINGS 4
Area for analysis CHANGE THESE HEADINGS 4
Area for analysis CHANGE THESE HEADINGS 4
Conclusion 4
References 5
Styles in Microsoft Word have been used to format this template.
If document headings are set up using Styles, your “Table of Contents” (ToC) section will automatically be updated when you add, modify and delete headings.
Also, all of your text will be properly and consistently formatted.
Before your submit your report, you must update the ToC
Hover your mouse over the area above containing the text shaded in grey and right-click your mouse.
Select “Update Field”.
THEN select “Update Entire Table” to update the headings and page numbers.
You can also select “Update page number only” to update the page numbering only.
Remove this text prior to submitting your work for assessment

Start typing here.
This section should guide the reader by providing a brief overview of the key areas you are going to cover and your main findings (remove these words before submitting).
Main heading
Start typing here.
Sub-heading (delete if not required)
Start typing here.
Main heading
Start typing here.
Sub-heading (delete if not required)
Start typing here.
Main heading
Start typing here.
Sub-heading (delete if not required)
Start typing here.
Brief summary of the main points outlined in the report.
Your references should always begin on the very last page of your report.
Dwyer, J & Hopwood, N 2016, Communication for Business and the Professions: Strategies and Skills, 6e, Pearson Australia, Frenchs Forest, NSW.(EXAMPLE ONLY)
The next reference will go on this line.
Reference list should be in alphabetical order of the author’s last name.
List your references here using the TAFE NSW Harvard (or Harvard AGPS) Referencing Style.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2375 words including Diagrams and References

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