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Network & Information Security
Assignment 1
June 2019
Alice and Bob are two data scientists based in two countries. They are working on sensitive government data sets to track terrorist activities. They do not want to use existing chat applications or email services to share their data sets and analysis reports. Instead of the existing solutions, they want to implement a secure communication tool to share their contents.
Task 1: Using your expert knowledge in encryptiondecryption algorithms, suggest a framework for them to achieve their goal.
i. Using a diagram Illustrate how they could implement the secure communication tool. You should consider the prevailing secure key exchange and symmetric encryption methods when designing this tool.
(3 Marks)
ii. Discuss the challenges that would be encountered in key exchange process. Suggest methods to overcome challenges in such environments by employing a Certificate Authority (CA)
(2 Marks)
Task 2: To demonstrate the practical implementation of the publicprivate encryption, you have been asked to compete the following task.
(5 Marks)
i. Type the following message in a .txt file:
“My student ID is : Your Student ID ” ii. Download the public key given in this assignment folder and encrypt your message with the same key using openssl.
iii. Using openssl, generate RSA key pair (2048bits) in your computer.
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1. Write down your answers for the Task 1 in a MS word file. The file should include a cover page for this assignment with your name, ID and lecturer’s name.
2. Include your .txt file and your public key in a folder named “Task 2”
3. Create a folder with your student ID and include your MS word file and “Task 2” folder in the folder. Compress the folder and create .zip or .rar file
4. Submit the compressed folder in the Moodle for Assignment 1
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