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-1997 Asian Financial Crisis-
I. Explain the origin of this crisis. Give me a summary of this crisis. consisting of the reasons of this crisis, and the breadth and extent of the crisis. Identifyitg countries and markets involved in the
crisis (200 words). (2 marks)
2. Explain the effects of this crisis on exchange rate of the itvolved countries in the crisis. Show your reasons using the supply and demand curves of exchange rate. Providing a fisk between your
reas. and international finance theories and their relevant concepts (700 words). (9 marl.)
3. Explain the effects of this crisis on other markets of the involved countries in crisis such as
commodity markets, stock marke., property markets, and etc. What happen for macroeconomic variables of the involved countries in the crisis such as inflation rate, interest rate, and etc. Since
one of the reasons for crisis is related to clunges in exchange rates, providing a la between
changes in the macroeconomics variables and clmnges in the exchange rates of the involved
countries in the crisis (700 words). (9 marks)
4. Explain how the involved countries in the crisis recovered their economic condition after this crisis. The role of government and central bank of . iwolved countries in the crisis was very
important. Explain their roles in recovering the financial crisis (400 words). (5 marks)

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Word Count: 2543 words including Graphs and References

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