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Instructions for Assessment 2
Carefully read the case study
Using the information provided in the case study as an example, summarise the critical theories and concepts of Organisational HRM. You need to analyse and critically evaluate the literature on all four of the areas covered:
Training and Development
International Performance Management; and
Diversity Management;
Set out your essay using the following structure, using sub-headings as required:
Diversity Management and Culture
International Performance Management, Training and Development
Conclusion and Recommendation(s) or Solution(s)
Research and Referencing
J_CB_S02_2019 Make sure you write your essay using third-person languagg., and support your essay with a minimum of 15 contemporary (ie. beyond 2008) refereed ,AMHR(CB)/LMIV journal articles - do not cite web pages.
vi All sections will be included in calculating the final mark.
Read through the marking criteria (assessment rubric) carefully before starting your essay.
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