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Part B – Written Reflection
Submit a written reflection on your experience of working in a team during the trimester using Tuckman’s model of group dynamics as the framework (1750 words, worth 20 marks).
This assessment requires you to complete an individual reflection that addresses your experiences of working in a team during the trimester. Using Tuckman’s model as the framework for your answer, you need to reflect on your journey and the relationship with other team members using theory taught throughout the trimester to underpin your comments. Students who merely tell the story of the trimester will not pass this assignment.
We are looking for you to reflect on the good, the bad and the ordinary, using the theory taught throughout the trimester to ‘explain’ what has been happening in your team.
You need to include appropriate academic sources (see marking rubric). Your referencing must comply with the Deakin Harvard referencing guidelines.
Useful resources to assist with the written reflection are located under Helpful Assignment Resources located in the Assignment 3 folder (go to Assessment Resources – Assignment 3 – Helpful Assignment Resources – see MMM211 Assignment 3 Part B Supporting References webpage link and Deakin Harvard Referencing Guide Link).