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Assessment Task 1
Forces of Change and Digitalisation for Operational Improvement
Due: Week 3
Value: 35%
Format: A Report suitable for presentation at a senior organisational level
Word length: 2000
Learning outcomes: 1, 2, 3
Task overview
This assessment gives you an opportunity to demonstrate that you can apply concepts covered
in topics 1-3 by preparing a report based on the given scenario. The report is divided into two
Scenario: Imagine that you have been tasked as a senior project leader to review your
organisation or a department's current operations. You are required to either analyse your own
organisation or an alternative one as agreed by your facilitator.
Your charter is to produce a discussion paper pitched for a senior executive group on the
rationale for change in your organisation or department and proposed benefits of adopting
digitalisation as an enabler for delivering organisational and operational improvements.
Task description - Section 1
GSB005 Managing Operational Improvement: Unit Guide
The aim of this first section is to begin the process of understanding operational improvements
from a macro perspective.
• The first step is to research key global forces of change such as industry 4.0, the
internet of things and digitalisation and how such changes are impacting your industry
or sector including your organisation.
• The second step is to reflect on your organisation and its current approach to
operations and the extent to which the organisation is responding to these forces of
change including challenges. A model of your organisation’s current production or
service delivery could be included.
• The third step is to briefly discuss your organisation’s current business and operations
and priority areas perceived to be in need of improvement using the order winners and
qualifiers framework as a guide (refer Hill & Hill 2017/2018 textbook chapters 2 and

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2545 words including Diagrams and References

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