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Write little bit about your project and company/organisation/business you are choosing for your project
Review staff and customer feedback and business performance data
I have collected feedback from staff and customers.
• Make staff feedback form and customer feedbackhaving question which could be helpful in finding issues in the company.
Identify, define and analyse business problems and issues
explain about the business problems/issues which you have found with in the company. It could be one problem or more problem .
Identify information required to reach a decision on problems/issues
Explain the information need to make any decision .
Source and gather reliable information
Explain sources of information
• Internal Sources
• External sources
Test information for reliability and validity, and reject where contradictory or ambiguous
Utilise formal and informal networks to access corporate knowledge/memory not held in formal systems and review appropriately
Explain Network of information
• Formal
• Informal Network
Ensure objectives for analyses are clear, relevant and consistent with the decisions required
Explain the objective of the analysis (means what are the objective behind collecting information and what you want to achieve by collecting that information.
Identify patterns and emerging trends correctly and interpret as to cause and effect
• Explain what are pattern (means how often/frequently the issues occur).
• Explain what are Trends (analysis of industry trends. that means are the issues occurring in every business
• What are the cause (reasons) and effect of those causes on business
Utilise statistical analyses and interpretation where appropriate
Explain what statistical analyses methods you used for your project
Undertake sensitivity analysis on any proposed options
Explain what sensitivity analyses methods you used for your project
Ensure documentation reflects a logical approach to the evaluation of the evidence and conclusions drawn
Adjust management information systems/decision support systems to meet information processing objectives
Ensure sufficient valid and reliable information/evidence is available to support a decision
Utilise risk management plans to determine acceptable courses of action
Utilise appropriate quantitative methods to assist decision making
Explain what quantitative analyses methods you used for your project
Consult specialists and other relevant groups and individuals
Explain which people you have consulted while collecting information and making decision
Ensure decisions taken are within the delegation/accountability of the group/individual responsible
Explain which decision making strategy you used and how distributed role and responsibilities to your team members while taking decision.
Make decisions in accordance with organisational guidelines and procedures
Ensure decisions taken are consistent with organisational objectives, values and standards
Ensure decisions are taken in a timely manner
Ensure advice/information needs are documented and are specific to location, format and time line requirements
need to write about:
• How you document all the information considering format (like header, footer, version etc)
• Location where documents are being stored
• Timeframe for documenting information needs
Document information and update databases regularly
how often you update database and document the information (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually)
Design and test systems to meet information requirements of decision makers
How you would design data base system to test it that its meeting requirements to take decisions
Ensure information is up to date, accurate, relevant and sufficient for the recipient
Develop communication plans and disseminate information
How you will communicate with relevant parties and distribute information
Adhere to confidentiality/privacy policies in the transmission/release of information/advice
Review and update communication plans regularly
Utilise technology which provides optimum efficiency and quality
Maintain corporate knowledge and ensure security

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Word Count: 2366 words including References

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