Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 1
Critical analysis of the key leadership or management theory/theories currently applied in the workplace and recommendations for improvement.
Learning outcomes
1. explain the broader system, organisation and group (team and unit) context in which their particular professional occupation or discipline is set and relate it to existing theory
2. summarise and evaluate the extant body of knowledge on leadership and management
3. reflect on interpersonal skills as a leader and/or manager
4. apply existing theory and research to the work setting
5. critique existing theory and research and challenge prevailing paradigms, world views, values and taken-for-granted ideas
6. apply an evidence-based approach to leadership and management in health
Assessment details
Discuss the key leadership/management style/s in your current workplace and/or a workplace you are familiar with. To complete this assessment, you must:
- Provide some examples of the leadership or management theories that might have been related to your discussion. This can include a combination of different theories such as: situational, trait, participative, behavioural, authoritarian, power and influence, contingency, transformational, transactional, path-goal, servant leadership and self-sacrificial.
- Your argument can be around both leadership and management as they are complementing each other in pragmatic leadership.
- Interconnect/link the theories to the practice/workplace (this can be real or hypothetical).
- Critically discuss the advantages/disadvantages of the current leadership/management style (e.g. how management/leadership style/s affect different aspects of the organisation, such as staff, consumers, quality and cost-efficiency of services)
- Provide recommendations for improving the management/leadership style/s.
Structure of assignment
Please be advised that there can be variations in preparing your discussion. However, the below outline can be considered in your writing:
[Leadership & Management in Heath CMM 93002]
- Cover sheet
- Abstract/Summary (100 words)
- Assignment title
- Introduction (A brief background about the setting and/or your workplace and importance of competent management/leadership 200 words)
- Critical review of management/leadership style/s (sub-headings can be used if required 1000 words)
- Conclusion and recommendations for improving management/leadership (200 words)
- References
A combination of diagrams, tables, charts can be provided in the support of the argument if required (maximum number: 3).
Please be advised that some parts of Assessment 1 can be used for Assessment 2, however, information needs to be rephrased.
Please be advised that in-text citations are included in the word count, however, the reference list and appendices are not included in the word count.
Using information from workplace: The assignments are designed to provide an opportunity to work with real workplace events to enhance the maximum relevance and possibility of translation of the work to practice. However, if there is no possibility of relating the assignments to the workplace, please describe the work in general terms and/or consider the case hypothetically.
If using any real information from your workplace, it needs to be secondary (e.g. online report) not primary (e.g. conducting interviews) as this would require ethical approval. Use the information provided anonymously, and seek permission from your workplace, before the usage of the information for the purpose of the assignment.
Word count and what to include: Markers will consider content in the body of the assignment (this can include tables, figures, diagrams, etc.). Additional material in an appendix may be reviewed by the marker, however, it may not be considered in detail and feedback may not be provided.