Recent Question/Assignment

In order to complete this assessment, you need to:
• Choose one article from those provided for this assessment and perform a close, critical read/analysis of this article's literature review, methods, results, conclusions and recommendations. Articles will be available through vUWS.
• From this reading, locate its recommendations for practice and note how they would apply to your KLA and across stages. [NB: Papers might not have an explicit recommendations section. Rather, recommendations for practice may be interspersed throughout the article as the author(s) present and discuss the findings. Some recommendations might also be included within a conclusions section.]
• Locate a learning activity/element of a lesson plan (not the whole lesson plan, which would be too large in scope);
• Use insights from your chosen article to reconsider and revise your chosen learning activity/element. You may add or revise elements related to classroom procedure, physical layout of the classroom, materials, medium of delivery, content, differentiation, and/or groupings/organisation of students. All changes/additions must be explained and justified using insights from your chosen research article.
Structure your report in this way:
1. Briefly introduce the educational issue addressed in your chosen article.
2. Identify and explain how the main issue discussed in the research article is relevant, both broadly and specifically, within your KLA.
3. Provide a brief critical reading of your article, discussing how the cited background research, the methods used for data collection, and findings of the analysis support the author(s)'s recommendations for classroom practice.
4. Describe your chosen learning activity/activities (don't forget to reference the resource!). Using both your chosen article (as your primary reference), as well as other readings from the field, assess the activity and highlight its strengths/weaknesses in light of the chosen article recommendations and other readings you have engaged with.
5. Clearly state: 1) the implications for teaching practice as informed by your chosen article and the 2) revisions you would make to your chosen learning activity based on these recommendations. Most importantly, justify these using your chosen article and other readings.