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A business scenario will be given whereby you are to investigate various data sources. The data could exist in various forms from CSV to actual data with a particular database. You will be expected to identify at least one suitable data source which would lead to one or more data products and visualisations. This needs to be a result of identifying a business reporting gap or need so you will need to make sure there is a reason for the choices made.
The select data source is to be analysed for its properties in regards to Variety, Volume, Velocity and Validity. You will are to determine the statistical significance of the chosen data source by using one or more statistical significance testing instrument such as p-values. You will be expected to rationalise and justify the use of the instrument as well as comment on it.
Write a report based on information drawn from the Scenario and Analysis along with relevant high quality research and industry literature covering an in-depth discussion on how the data can lead to a Data product.
Assessment breakdown: Report 40% Presentation 10%
The report should be between 2000-3000 words excluding references, adopt appropriate APA referencing and academic format and include the following sub topics:
? Business scenario discussing the data source and the rationale for the selecting and identifying said data source.
? Technical specifications, design and relevant research issues ? Analysis from above.
? Potential future research, application and impacts
You will also be required to present your main findings in the form of a 10-15 minute presentation. In addition, the presentation should also include a short introduction to your case study – it should identify the proposed dashboard or visualisation and the benefits of these.
1. Report is suitable for publication and a peer-reviewed conference.
2. Report shows evidence of synthesis and critical thinking.
3. Is based on a wide range of good quality academic and professional research.
4. Opinion is formed from the sources and all points are referenced.
5. Critique highlights the technical, design, application and future impact and is drawn from the literature
6. Application examples are appropriate, encompassing and thorough 7. Report is well-written.
8. APA referencing is correct in every case
9. Report is well formatted. Abstract, Introduction and Conclusion are well-written.

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