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Part A: Questionnaire development 20% Due: Friday Week 9, 11.30 pm
In pairs, design a questionnaire to address the following management problem.
Dimensions of servicescape, empathy and customer perceptions on authenticity are critical in forming the dining experience of a restaurant (Arnould et al., 1998; Chang, 2016; Jang et al., 2012; Wood and Munoz, 2007; Hsieh 2008). Literature supported the relationship that an individual's perception of authenticity drives the customer's involvement in a restaurant (Chang, 2016; Mehrabian and Russell, 1974). This involvement was also demonstrated to increase the revisit intention in a restaurant (Campbell et al., 2014; Tarkiainen and Sundqvist, 2009). However, there is a lack of research examining these relationships generally and in the context of boutique restaurants in particular. The Restaurant and Catering Association of Australia decided to commission research to get a better understanding of the factors such as servicescape, empathy, authenticity perception, and dining experience, that influence customer future behavioural intention in the context of boutique restaurants in Melbourne. A quantitative method research will be applied using a questionnaire survey with customers.
Design a survey questionnaire with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 questions to gather data to address the management problem. Use a mix of open and closed question formats. At least, one of your questions must employ a replicable scale — a scale that has previously been tested in the academic literature relating to consumer behaviours and found to be reliable and valid. Ensure your questionnaire has a brief introduction to inform respondents as to the purpose of the research.
In addition, in pairs write a brief 1000 word report explaining the structure of the questionnaire and the steps your group took in designing it to address the management problem.
In Week 9 (Friday, 11.30 pm) submit through the Assessment Dropbox on VU Collaborate the following documents in separate files:
• Assignment cover sheet (signed Declaration);
• Questionnaire
• Brief report.
The hard copies are to be submitted to your lecturer.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1331 words including References and Appendices

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