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Assessment 2 - Essay
Posted on: Monday, 26 August 2019 11:19:58 AM AEST
Dear Students
The following is the essay question you are required to address in Assessment Task 2.
AASB Standard 101 outlines -Financial statements are a structured representation of the financial position and financial performance of an entity. The objective of financial statements is to provide information about the financial position, financial performance and cash flows of an entity that is useful to a wide range of users in making economic decisions.- (AASB 101, p. 8)
With specific reference to three standards (in addition to AASB 101) outline how an understanding of the AASB standards will assist -a wide range of users in making economic decisions-. Ensure in your answer that you outline the various different decisions various users of the statements will make based on the financial statements.
Please note this is an individual essay (not a group assignment) and accordingly instances of collusion and plagiarism may result in significant penalties.
Please refer to the Course outline for further details on this assessment task.
Regards, Graham
Posted by: Graham Bowrey
Posted to: 2019 ATMC Semester 2, ACC510,
Financial Reporting

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1772 words including References

Title: How an understanding of the AASB standards will assist a wide range of users in making economic decisions

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