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Harry is a 58-year-old male who has been admitted to the surgical ward on which you are working for a hip replacement. You have been allocated to care for him for the next 4 days. He weighs 165kg and is due to have a hip replacement tomorrow. He states -I've been overweight for years and that's just how I am. I love food and I am a chef, so I am around food all day long. My doctor says my weight is impacting on my health-.
Using the Transtheoretical Model of Change and Motivational Interviewing techniques. describe how you could support Harry through the Stages of Change cycle to maintenance.
Utilize evidenced based literature to support your discussion. For the purposes of this paper, while seminal work (early literature) may be referenced, current literature is a requirement.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1615 words including References

Title: Trans-theoretical model of change and motivational interviewing technique related case study analysis

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