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Detailed Assignment Information A2
Assignment 2
Key information
Dates/submission Sunday by 11.59pm (midnight Sunday) in Week 7 on Turnitin link on MKT1MDP LMS page/ submit per Lecturer’s instructions
Types Individual assignment:
1.Report writing: market analysis; identifying, analysing, describing and segmenting markets. 1500 words (+/- 10 %).
2. Oral presentation on video. 5 mins (+/- 10 %)
Capabilities practiced Writing Business Reports
Enquiry/Research Skills
Critical Thinking/Analysis Skills
Type of research Secondary data: so-called desk research, and observational research.
A 1,500 word (+/- 10 %) written report, and a 5-6 minute video presentation.
Marks 30% of the total marks for this subject
Additional support materials Please consult the assignment guide/Lecturer/LMS for more assistance. See library.
Based on the topic provided, and the 2 compulsory reports nominated by your Lecturer, you will use other sources such as websites, journal articles, newspaper articles and databases, to produce the following:
1. a written report of 1500 words (+/- 10 %).
2. a short video of 5 mins. (+/- 10 %)
1. A written report that will include the following information:
a. Perform a macro-environmental analysis of the industry.
b. Identify and describe the segments (and segmenting variables) used in this industry.
c. Make a recommendation as to the segment of the market you think the company should look to invest in, and provide justifications for your choice.
2. A video presentation of yourself, based on your written report.
Keep to the required time and word lengths. There should be no information contained in your video that is not present in your written report. The two assessment items do not need to be identical. E.g. you might write in more detail in your report, than you present in your video.
Here is a suggested outline of the structure of the video and the written report. Note they are different.
Video 5-6 mins. Written Report 1,500 words (+/- 10 %)
Introduction: State your name, Student number, class and Lecturer’s details. (approx.
30 secs.).
Cover page: Title of the assignment, name, id, tutorial time and day, name of the tutor, word count not including executive summary, TOC or references and appendices.
Macroenvironmental Analysis Main report body with SUBHEADINGS.
Macroenvironment Analysis
• Economic
• Political and Legal • Sociocultural • Etc.
This Section is the largest part of your video. (approx. 3 mins)
Executive Summary: Summarize all sections of the report in a succinct manner, and include recommendations (One paragraph max.)
Segmentation and targeting:
Analyse how firms or the industry conducts segmentation. Segment profiles (characteristics of the segment) and product offered to each segment. (approx. 1min.) Table of Contents: put contents with page numbers
Recommendations and conclusions: (approx. 1 min.) Introduction: Purpose or report, product chosen , marketing theories used, structure of the report etc.
Referencing: Show your references (Harvard) on screen. You don’t read these out.
(30 secs.) Macroenvironmental analysis. Impact of key variables: identify and explain the impact of key variables in each of the environmental factors.
Market segmentation and targeting: Analyse how firms or the industry conducts segmentation. Segment profiles (characteristics of the segment) and product offered to each segment Based on your analysis, recommend one/more than one segment(s).
Recommendations and conclusions:
References: include at least 4 academic references. Follow LTU Harvard referencing style.
Appendices: put [relevant] additional tables/figures/graphs in the appendix. Don’t forget to use both in-text citation and a reference list.
Submitted using the Assignment 2, LMS submission links on MKT1MDP LMS page.