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T2 2019
FIN200 Assignment
Management of a company could use sensitivity, scenario, break-even and simulation analysis in their corporate decision makings. How their decision making could be related to capital budgeting techniques such as, internal rate of return, net present value etc. Explain the following concepts in relation to capital budgeting techniques. (2000 words)
a. Sensitivity analysis
b. Scenario analysis
c. Break-even analysis
d. Simulation analysis
Important notes regarding Assignment:
? The due date for Assignment is Wednesday 8pm. (Week 10)
? The hard copy of Assignment should be handed in to your tutor during your tutorial class and the soft copy of Assignment should be run through TURNITIN, and a similarity score sheet attached to the back of the Assignment when submitted to Tutor.
The similarity percentage should be below 25%.
? Plagiarism is viewed seriously and attracts heavy penalties.
? A copy of the Marking Rubric (from the Subject Outline) should be attached at the back of the Assignment.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2137 words including Diagram and References

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