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7. Calculate measures of central tendency (Mean, median and mode) of consumer spending per household in 2011
For this task use the household expenditure survey report mentioned in the links in the previous page. In the report under list of tables use the 1st table which is household expenditure 1984 to 2009-10. And use the 2009-10 figures for calculations. Following is an extract of the table and the area highlighted represent the data to be used for this task.
Refer to section 7.1.1 for notes on how to calculate standard deviation.
9. Calculate measures of central tendency (Mean, median and mode) of consumer spending on online purchases 2011
Since there is no usable data for year 2011, use the table 15 in Pwc report on online expenditure. In the following extract, the highlighted area it shows what information to be used for this task.
10. Calculate standard deviation in online purchasing
Refer to section 5.6 Measures of Dispersion (pg 23) for notes on how to calculate standard deviation.
11. Among the highest online spenders in or state, calculate a Z-test to calculate how far the sample mean is to the population mean
Since we used the online expenditure data of the Pwc report in part 9, find the Z score of the online expenditure for product category: Books and magazines.
The equation to calculate Z-score is as follows:
(Where X is the online expenditure for Books and Magazines in this case)
I once ordered this assignment under the case Oth190714857 but I did not receive it. However, I did not mind since it is already pass the revision period. So I would like to just have Part 7,8,9,10,11 which mentioned above.
Check the link above and you will figure out what assessment I am after.

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