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LAWS20062 International Commercial Law RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT
Due date: 30 September 2019, 12:00 pm Return to students: 17 October 2019 Submission: Online via Moodle.
Format: One file in .doc or .docx (MSWord) format. Submissions in any other file format will be treated as a non-submission.
Word limit: 2,500 words total, including footnotes.
Referencing: Australian Guide to Legal Citation, 3rd ed
Task description: This task will require students to research a set topic in international commercial law.
Assignment question:
Explain and critique the dispute resolution system and processes of the World Trade Organization (WTO). How does the WTO’s dispute resolution system work and are there any problems with it?
Assessment criteria:
1. Clarity of expression and flow of argument 2. Originality
3. Accuracy
4. Demonstrated research
5. Clarity of structure
6. Demonstrated ability to critique law, rules and/or institutions 7. Balance of argument
8. Proper referencing

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