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Assessment Guidelines for Student:
Conditions of assessment:
• This assessment will be conducted in organisation where you would be undertaking taking your work-based training.
• Your evidence submitted for this Assessment Task will be graded as either S — Satisfactory or NS —Not Satisfactory. Your Assessor will provide you with feedback.
• If the evidence is graded as NS — Not Satisfactory you will be required to re-submit the evidence. In this case you will be provided with clear and constructive feedback based on the assessment decision so that you can improve your skills / knowledge prior to reassessment.
• If you require an allowable adjustment to this assessment procedure you should discuss this with your assessor
• If you are dissatisfied with an assessment decision you should make an appeal to Hays International College in writing no longer than 20 days following advice of the assessment decision
Context of and specific resources for assessment
• Access to a simulated environment and; to office equipment and learning resources, access to
computer with internet, printer, projector, telephone, photocopier, scanner and other office facilities.
• Contextualised Scenario
• A La Carte Menu
• standard recipes
• food order template
• job checklist template
• work schedule template
Tasks to be completed by the student
Contextualised Scenario
You are the assistant chef at the Pelican Restaurant in Melbourne CBD. The head chef has informed you that the restaurant has booked a Lunch function for 150 people.
Considering the information included in the A La Carte Menu and the standard recipes you are required to:
• prepare a food order for the function in the template provided
• prepare a list of equipment required to produce the menu for the function
• prepare a clear and complete job checklist for the function
• outline any menu requirements and job roles for the staff
• develop a work schedule for the function in the template provided
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SI THCCCO20 Work effectively as a cook