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12:07 / 4G
AssEssoR(s): Esha Thukral
This report assignment is an individual assignment.
1800 words individual research report related to the course content.
This assignment will rely on core literature and associated theories to explain in detail a particular
focus area of project management chosen from the below list: -
• Project team management
• Project communication management
• Project stakeholder management
Referencing: Harvard Style (10 References) 6 academic references, 4 online sources
Writing format: - Times new Homan ( 1.5 line spacing) Font size 12.
REPORT Executive Summary (3 marks)
INSTRUCTIONS: • An Executive Summary should cover all the aspects in the body of the report but in an abbreviated form.
• Please note that it is not included in the word count
Introduction (4 marks)
• Your introduction should state the aim of the report
• Define the topic
• Why this topic? Focus on purpose
Discussion (8 marks)
• Identify & elaborate on the stages of (team/ stakeholder/ communication management)
• Importance of management of your chosen topic
Issues & Implications (8 marks)
• Identify 2 common issues related to the chosen topic and its implications. And the associated
possible solutions.
Conclusion (3 marks)
• The conclusion should contain a brief statement of all topics discussed in this report draft.
Please do not include any new information.
Reference List (4 marks) The marks indicated also include marks allocated for s osir Is riting skills & style
• The reference list should include at least 10 references it should be presented in alphabetical
order and please remember to follow the Harvard Reference Style.
Appendix (if needed)
Total (30 marks)
A marking rubric is available on your Moodle site and is also made available on the following page.
Preston Campus
77-91 St Georges Road
Preston, Victoria 3072
NMIT CRICOS Code: 00724G
Criteria M._ Effectiveness of summary HD (80-100 , istinction ( Credit (60-69) iss (_0-59) 01, Fail (0-49) Marks
Outstanding executive summary that provides an excellent and convincing overview of the key aspects of the report. 79) Satisfactory executive summary that provides good context for the report. Includes a reasonable overview of key aspects of the report. Adequate executive summary that provides basic context for the report. Summarises some, but not all key aspects of the report. No executive summary provided and/or executive summary does not summarise the key aspects of the report. /3
Very good executive summary that clearly and concisely summarises the key aspects of the report.
Introduction Outstanding introduction that provides excellent conte Very good introduction that rovides effective Satisfactory introduction that rovides ood Adequate introduction that rovides basic No introduction provided and/or introduction not linked to the /4
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