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Part 1 – Group Report – due Week 7 Contribution to assessment – 10%
Task – 1000 word report (or other formats with an equivalent viewing time) to be emailed to the course coordinator by the due date.
In order to share experiences and insights into the topic issue, the group is asked to prepare a 1000 word document (or audio-visual equivalent) based on its research and analysis of the topic, and where relevant, the integration of group members’ work-related experiences. The document may be in any format the group considers appropriate. Examples may be one, or a combination, of reports, newsletters, strategic guides, power point presentations, case studies training manuals, audio-visual presentations, websites and so on. Use of visual material is encouraged to stimulate interest.
The document should reflect theory and practice and include references (these may be listed as a separate document if necessary). To facilitate subsequent discussion on the forum, the document may specify activities, pose questions, detail problems or seek specific comments.
All group members are expected to participate in the document preparation. Marks for this work will be allocated equally within the group.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1820 words including References

Topic: Motivations and emotions

Available Part 1 only

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