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Assessment 3
Assessment Type: Group Case Study — 2500 +/- 10% word report and analysis.
Purpose: This assessment is designed to assist students to combine the technical skills learned with the theoretical aspects of a number of management accounting concepts. The assessment will allow students to demonstrate their ability to analyse the information provided for a given scenario and present their findings as they relate to the requirements of this assessment.
As this is a team-based assessment, it will allow students to further develop their team-working and problem-solving skills.
It contributes to subject learning outcomes a, b, and c.
Value: 20% All group members will receive the same mark. Please note the penalties applied for late/missing deadlines — these marks will be deducted from the final mark of the assessment.
Due Dates: Draft submission 8.00pm Monday of Week 9 for review in class.
Final submission 8.00pm Monday of Week 10.
Group formation: Group of between 3-5 students to be formed no later than week 5 tutorial session.
Submission: One member ONLY of each group must upload the final submission to the Turnitin assignment link on the KOI Moodie subject home page no later than the due time of 8.00pm Monday of Week 10. All submissions must be accompanied by a signed KOI group assignment sheet attached to the front cover, listing all group members (including student ID, email, first and last names). Ensure that the subject number (ACC202) and your allocated group number is included in the footer of all pages (e.g. ACC202 Group 36).
The Moodie link will be open 2 weeks prior to the due date so the group can submit it at least a day before the tutorial in Week 9 where it will be reviewed by the tutor for feedback to the group members.
The group should complete any 'tables' or calculations using the spread sheet application and then copy and paste these into a 'document' incorporated with their submission.
Tips for submission:
o For ease of formatting within a MS Word document, either 'paste' the selected sections of the Excel Worksheet as a 'PICTURE', or copy and paste smaller sections.
o To assist groups collaborating, groups may find it easier to use Google docs which allows simultaneous online editing so all members can 'chat' online and create their work together. This is especially useful where group members are having difficulty meeting in the one physical location but can arrange to be online at least at the same time.
o A word of warning: Ensure you take regular online (e.g. Google Drive saves) and offline (e.g. USB Memory stick) backups.
o As noted above only 1 copy per group should be submitted. If you update your assignment before the due date and time, then each updated submission must be made by the same group member otherwise you will duplicate the work and the latest edition may not be marked.

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