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Frequently Asked Questions Assessment 3
General Questions
When is Assessment 3 due?
This information can be found on the Cloud. Be sure to check the Cloud notices regularly in case of any updates or changes to due dates.
What is the word count?
The word count for Assessment 3 is 1500 words.
The word limit does NOT include the Title Page, Table of Contents, Tables/Figures, Reference Lists, and Appendices in the body of the document but does include everything else (i.e. In-text citations, headings, and any other material submitted).
It does include your in-text citations and headings.
Where do I submit?/I cannot see the assessment dropbox.
The assessment dropbox will only be available once you have both completed the Digital Literacy Module. Once you have done this the dropbox will be visible under Assessments Assignments T2 2019 MMK101 Assessment 3.
Is it compulsory to submit Assessment 3?
No, it is not compulsory. However, if you do not submit Assessment 3 you will be forfeiting 40% of the potential unit grades.
What happens if I submit late?
If you miss the assessment submission deadline a 5% penalty will be applied for every day that the assessment is late (for a maximum of five (5) days. Assessments submitted more than five (5) days late will not be graded.
What File Type does the assignment need to be in?
Your assessment must be submitted as a Microsoft Word (MS WORD) document (i.e. .doc). If you submit in another format your assessment will not be marked. Microsoft Word is available free of charge to all students, please see:
What format does the assessment need to be in?
The assessment must be in a report format using the Assessment 3 template. This requires a cover page, table of contents, body of the report, and reference list. The Assessment 3 template can be found in assessment resources.
Do I need to write in a certain way?
Yes, the report should not use first person, i.e. you should not say 'I think'. Additionally you should paragraph format using an active voice. A paragraph is three to four sentences in length. It should contain one core idea and then two to three supporting sentences. A good paragraph structure uses a variety of sentence lengths (some short and some longer), and develops links from one paragraph to the next.
Examples of active and passive voices:
Active: The New York Rangers play ice hockey in the NHL.
Passive: Ice Hockey is played by the New York Rangers in the NHL.
For further assistance with writing, see: or contact the Language and Learning Advisers at
How do I create a Table of Contents?
MS WORD can help you set up a table of contents and a table of contents has been set up in the Assessment 3 template. To do this, go to REFERENCES in the top MS WORD ribbon (alongside HOME, INSERT, and DESIGN). Then click on the Table of Contents icon. When you need to update your Table of Contents, simply right click on the table and select update entire table. The MS WORD table of contents creator requires that you make use of the Style ribbon and the Heading outlined within.
Can I use headings/sub-headings?
Yes, this is appropriate for a report. Be sure to number your headings. Please use the Assessment 3 template - see Assessment Resources.
How many citations do I need to use?
The assessment outline requires that this report includes at least 7 resources, a minimum of 4 of these resources need to be peer-reviewed, academic resources. Not meeting these requirements will have a negative impact upon your grade.
What type of referencing do I need to use?
MMK101 requires that you use the Deakin Harvard style. A guide to this style of referencing can be found on the library website:
Can you read my draft and provide guidance/tell me if I am on the right track?
Unfortunately not. With so many students enrolled in MMK101 we are not able to read drafts of assignments. If we did this for you then, in fairness, we should also do so for all other students and we are just not able to. So for equity reasons we are not able to read and comment on your draft.
However, you can post questions on the Discussion forum that a member of the teaching team will answer (within reason)
Another option is for you to contact the Study Support team ( – you can contact a writing mentor and, while they cannot comment on content, they can provide advice on academic writing skills, referencing, report writing, and the like.
Do I need to include a Faculty/Department based Cover page?
No, the old fashioned cover pages were a requirement prior to the use of the electronic dropbox. One benefit of these old cover pages was that students signed an agreement that the work was their own. This agreement is now part of the process of submitting your work electronically.
Do I need to submit my report to Turnitin? / How do I submit to Turnitin?
No, you do not need to submit your report to the Turnitin system. All assessments submitted electronically to Deakin are subjected to a Turnitin evaluation.
If you wish to check your own work before you submit your assignment, you can access Turnitin via the UniStart website.
Content Specific Questions
Background Summary of Assessment 2
(a) What should be in my background summary?
Please use the assessment template for Assessment 3 and identify your target market, provide a consumer profile and the positioning statement from Assessment 2. The purpose of the background is so that the marker has the target market and positioning statement in front of them and can see that your strategies align with them. This section does not need to be re-referenced.
(b) Is the background summary included in my word count?
No it is not part of your word count for Assessment 3 as long as the summary is in a table (as provided in the Assessment 3 template).
Section 2 – Marketing Mix
(a) How should I structure this section?
Please use the template for Assessment 3 (found under assessment resources) for this section.
This section should start by briefly discussing the extended marketing mix and must state which three extended marketing mix elements you are going to cover in your marketing plan.
Using the template as a guide, you must then develop strategies for each of the three extended marketing mix elements you have identified. For each element you must develop and explain your strategy. You must be specific with you strategies and explain how your strategy:
• Considers Fairphone's key marketing objectives as outlined in the assignment brief.
• Aligns with the needs of the target market you identified.
• Aligns with how you have recommended Fairphone be positioned.
• Will be implemented using the key extended marketing mix element theories.
• Identify and justify the metric(s) you recommend Fairphone use to measure the success of your marketing strategy (minimum one metric per extended marketing mix element).
(b) What is a marketing analytic?
In essence, a marketing analytic is a way of analysing something. So, marketing analytics are a way of analysing and measuring marketing performance. This could be sales which should be relatively easy for a company to measure. Or it could be something like consumer attitudes, satisfaction (perceived or actual), or a consumer's sense of interactivity; which are more abstract and require a little more effort for a brand to measure. Please refer to Appendix 3 (pp.492-515) of the prescribed text, for a discussion of some of the more commonly used analytics.
Example Marketing Strategy:
For example, if you were considering a promotional strategy for the New York Rangers and the target market was people who live in New Jersey but were New York Rangers fans. You could suggest the New York Rangers use billboard advertisements on the ferries and trains that transport daily commuters to work. If they had previously been a member, you could also suggest they use direct and digital to email their target market when they play in New Jersey. If the New York Rangers positioned themselves as providing a fast paced and social game, you could propose that the billboards depict groups of friends at the game having an exciting time, and the emails offer group entry or group dinner/game packages.
The performance of this strategy should be measured by ..... {briefly describe the marketing analytic and justify how it will measure the success of the strategy}.
This is a BIG section. Please take your time with it. Break the word count into smaller bite sized pieces, and develop a clear structure.
Some students are concerned that they are not creative. Creativity is not the be all and end all. While it might be fun, you can accomplish this task by sticking with the core information and implementing good ideas that are tailored to your target market, positioning and marketing objectives.
It is important to make sure that you justify why your ideas are suitable for your target market, positioning and marketing objective. Draw from a range of resources to support your ideas/arguments.
Section 3 Conclusion
(a) What is the goal of this section?
This is the final section of the report and needs to wrap everything up (i.e. from Assessments 2 & 3), discuss the implications for Fairphone and provide some guidance for how you might determine success. You will need to be succinct in this section.
(b) What does the conclusion cover?
Please review the assessment brief.
The key inclusion listed in the brief were:
• Significant elements of the two Assessments (2 & 3).
• Implications for Fairphone - i.e. what does all this mean for Fairphone?
Example Conclusion
This report has provided a brief overview of the sporting/entertainment industry; major competition facing the New York Rangers in this industry were Brand X and Team Y. W was identified as current industry trend likely to impact upon organisations in this field in the future.
The New York Rangers should target the F segment and position themselves as ..... The New York Rangers marketing objective(s), will be achieved through their {extended marketing mix element strategy 1, 2 & 3} .......
The New York Rangers need to be aware of G {briefly describe any threats/weaknesses} and take advantage of H {briefly describe any opportunities/strengths}.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1838 words including References

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