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Broadsheet ( is an Australia wide online and print based magazine that started as a restaurant and café review magazine but has since expanded its coverage. It now sees itself as “the authority on the cultural life of your city.” Broadsheet’s primary source of revenue is advertising in the magazine. They have also generated revenue through developing and publishing cookbooks and city guides for food.
Your small consulting firm has been approached by Broadsheet magazine with a new idea They are looking to diversify their revenue source by entering the fresh food box/meal kit market/industry. They will bring together the best chefs from across Australia, create recipes or adapt the chef’s signature recipes so that they can be made by consumers using the food box/meal kit format.
The Broadsheet offer differentiates from other brands by using Australia’s leading chefs to create unique or distinct recipes. It will use organic produce and often integrate unique/distinct ingredients.
Broadsheet is your client.
Your team's task is to prepare a report on the Australian fresh food box/meal kit market/industry and identify and analyse any significant issues or trends that may impact on it. You will also make brief recommendations concerning those issues you identify, in terms of how you think the business should position itself, and price, promote and distribute it's new product range.
Mechanics for all assignments
Include graphs, tables, diagrams (all labelled). If information can be communicated more effectively(makes it easier for the reader to understand) in one of these forms, do it.
Warning – if there is no logical reason for information displayed in one of these forms, you will be marked down. For example, creating a large table that has no discernible purpose to the reader – does not add value.
Graphs, tables, diagrams must be followed by analysis. You must tell the reader what you want them to see/notice/understand.
Warning – graphs, tables, diagrams that are not followed by analysis will be marked down.
Logic is the key. Do not simply provide information. The focus is on the analysis of the information that creates value for the client. Your analysis must be logical; what ever contention you make in your analysis, it must be supported by a logical, evidenced based argument
Headings and sub headings
Font: 11 point, Sans-serif, e,g, Arial, Calibri, Helvetica (What’s the difference between Serif and Sans-serif fonts?
Spacing:1.2 to 1.4 line spacing (makes it easier to read). 6 points after paragraph.
Please note:
Words limits are a -limit-, not a -goal-. In the real world, it's critical that your business plans, proposals and reports are clear and succinct.
Not counted in word count:
Title page
Executive Summary
Labels on diagrams and graphs
In text references
Reference list.
You are to prepare a MACRO environmental analysis as it relates to the Australian fresh food box industry.
The report should include:
A brief overview/definition of the broader industry/micro environment to define the parameters of what follows. This should include mapping all the various components/parts/sectors/participants that make up the broader 'industry' or 'micro environment'.
The majority of the report however, is to be dedicated to analysing the MACRO factors that potentially impact on the firm's Australian venture. Special attention should be paid to explaining the implications of these factors for the industry as a whole, rather than simply describing the factors.
Assessment criteria will include:
Use of theoretical tools & frameworks (choice & interpretation) discussed in the first 4 weeks of semester.
Quality (relevance, reliability & credibility) of sources.
Breadth (an appropriate number, applied appropriately throughout the analysis) of sources.
Quality (-real world- value to the firm) of the content.
The total word limit is 2,000 words (not including references).
Title page: Name, ID, Tutorial day/time. Word count
Overview – what do you want the reader to understand and why. What evidence supports this. Length = ¼ to ½ page
Body of report – a structured approach to explaining the above in more detail. Your structure will be driven by the details above. The structure should be designed in a way that integrates:
Theory from first four weeks
Wide range of credible research/information that meets the S.C.R.A.P.E. criteria
A clear and comprehendible logic for your analysis based on what you create from #1 & #2 above
Reference list

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2376 words including Graphs and References

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