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Assessment Workbook
The assessment workbook is the major activities designed to assess your skills, knowledge and performance, as required to show competency in this unit. These activities should be completed after finishing the Learner Guide. You should complete these as stated below and as instructed by your trainer/assessor.
Skills, knowledge and performance may be termed as:
? Skills – skill requirements, required skills, essential skills, foundation skills
? Knowledge – knowledge requirements, required knowledge, essential knowledge, knowledge evidence
? Performance – evidence requirements, critical aspects of assessment, performance evidence.

Objective: To provide you with an opportunity to show you have the required skills for this unit.
This activity will enable you to demonstrate the following skills:
? Actively reinforces learning by applying new knowledge and skills in mentoring, coaching and supervising others
? Identifies, interprets, analyses and reviews textual information related to the operational plan and monitoring of operational performance
? Communicates relationships between ideas and information, matching style of writing to purpose and audience
? Researches, plans and prepares workplace documentation for relevant stakeholders using organisational formats
Oral Communication:
? Participates in a variety of spoken exchanges with a range of audiences varying structure and language to suit the audience
? Selects and uses familiar mathematical techniques to organise timely supply of adequate resources for the operational plan and to use budgetary information to monitor performance
Navigate the world of work:
? Monitors adherence to organisational policies and procedures and considers own role in terms of its contribution to broader goals of the work environment
Interact with others:
? Selects and uses appropriate conventions and protocols when communicating with diverse individuals to build rapport, seek or present information
? Collaborates with others to achieve joint outcomes, playing an active role in facilitating effective group communication, influencing direction and taking a leadership role on occasion
Get the work done:
? Takes responsibility for planning, organising, implementing and monitoring tasks required to achieve required outcomes
? Uses systematic, analytical processes in complex, non-routine situations, setting goals, gathering relevant information and identifying and evaluating options against agreed criteria
? Evaluates effectiveness of decisions in terms of how well they met stated goals
? Recognises and addresses an increasing range of familiar problems by implementing contingency plans
Answer the activity in as much detail as possible, considering your organisational requirements.
1. Within your workplace or organisation, plan and undertake a coaching or mentoring session for at least one employee in an area where they need training or support. This should serve to both reinforce your skills as a coach or mentor and develop the knowledge of the employee(s).
2. Within your workplace or organisation, interpret and analyse information related to the operational plan and operational performance. Use key performance indicators to describe operational performance to a fellow learner.
3. Plan and prepare a draft operational plan that can be presented to a number of stakeholders within the workplace. You may have to alter the language and format of the plan to meet the needs of the recipient. The plan should be no more than 500 words, and should include the following:
? Organisational objectives
? What the company expects of the individual or team
? Contingency plans.
4. Within your workplace environment, participate in a number of group discussions with team members, where they contribute ideas in relation to resource requirements. You should encourage all participants to voice their ideas, and alter the structure and language used to suit the target audience.
5. Organise the supply of resources through the use of mathematical techniques. This will involve meeting the demands of the operational plan and analysing budgetary information. Summarise your findings over one page of A4 writing.
6. Within a workplace environment, monitor employee adherence to organisational policies and procedures. Describe your findings to a fellow learner or the instructor, and highlight how you have personally contributed to the broader goals of the work environment.
7. In collaboration with colleagues, organise and participate in an induction process for new recruits or employees who are changing job roles. Ensure to use appropriate conventions when communicating with diverse individuals, and use inclusive techniques to initiate, contribute and promote discussion amongst team members.
8. Identify the organisational objectives that have been set by management. In consultation with team leaders and other employees, set a range of team specific goals that will contribute towards meeting the wider organisational objectives. Once these goals have been set, continue to monitor progress through observing key performance indicators.

Assessment Workbook
This should be used by the trainer/assessor to document the learner’s skills, knowledge and performance as relevant to the summative assessment. Indicate in the table below if the learner is deemed satisfactory (S) or not satisfactory (NS) for the activity or if reassessment is required.
Learner’s name
Assessor’s name
Unit of Competence
(Code and Title)
Date(s) of assessment
Has the activity been answered and performed fully, as required to assess the competency of the learner? Yes No
(Please circle)
Has sufficient evidence and information been provided by the learner for the activity? Yes No
(Please circle)
Provide your comments here:
The learner’s performance was: Not yet satisfactory Satisfactory
If not yet satisfactory, date for reassessment:
Feedback to learner:
Learner’s signature
Assessor’s signature

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2206 words including References

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