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Written assignment 2,500 words
After watching the video in relation to the case study of Joanna, answer the following questions in essay format. Use each question as a heading, making sure you answer all questions and refer to your marking guide. Ensure you follow usual academic protocols including an introduction, conclusion and make sure all relevant information is referenced correctly.
Questions for critical analysis and application of theory
Choose from either Dialectical behaviour therapy or Motivational interviewing and;
1. Develop a case conceptualisation/formulation in relation to the case of Joanna from your chosen theoretical perspective. Include the history of her problem(s), her current issues or concerns, her interpersonal/life functioning. Note any risk factors you have identified and your behavioural observations that are relevant to your formulation.
2. Identify what you believe are contributing to causation and maintenance of her issues and the role of change in her life.
3. Based on your case conceptualisation, identify counselling goals for Joanna and devise a relevant treatment plan. Outline how you would implement this plan with Joanna, identifying any challenges you may face and how you would overcome these barriers.
4. Describe two evidence-based interventions you would attempt with her and outline your reasons for choosing these two. Ensure your interventions are congruent with your theoretical approach and are evidence based and referenced.
5. Identifying any challenges you may face in implementing these interventions and how you would overcome these barriers.
Assignment format:
This assignment can be formatted using subheadings (e.g: Part A, Part B etc). Please include a short introduction and conclusion (which will not count towards the overall word limit) to orient the reader to the assignment's focus. A single reference list at the conclusion of the overall assignment (rather than individual reference lists for each assignment section) will be sufficient. There is no need to include an abstract, although a title page (including your name, student number, unit code, assignment number and actual word limit) is requested.
You must use the APA referencing system.
How many references do I need to include?
There is no set number of references simply because there is more information available for some topics and little information available for other topics. You are expected to research each Part widely by using the UNE library online catalogue and journal databases to identify relevant books and peer reviewed journal articles. Please note: Personal experience, newspaper articles, Moodle notes and information obtained from websites, especially those that start with the prefix -wiki-, are not a valid source of information for this assignment.
There is a plethora of information available for this essay so as a rough guide you should endeavour to find at least 10 peer reviewed sources (i.e. journal articles, books) in addition to your textbook, to support the statements in your essay. Make sure you research your essay and do not simply rely on your textbook. Remember a good essay is well researched using information from a range of sources. Remember to include an introduction and conclusion (these are not in word count).
In-text referencing
Every statement of fact in an essay regardless of whether it is written in the first or third person must be supported by an in-text reference.
For this unit page numbers are not required for in-text references unless providing a direct quote. For example: Communication is important to client safety (Higgs, 2012). -Communication is important to client safety- (Higgs, 2012, p.28).
Marking criteria
Please refer to the marking criteria when preparing your assignment.
Follow the instructions in Moodle to upload your completed assignment file and submit it for marking.
Please ensure to submit your assignment using word *.doc or *.docx format only.
Assignments received after the due date without prior permission from the unit co-ordinator will incur a late submission penalty (In this instance, -2.5 marks/day).
The School of Health Extension Application form is downloadable and includes information about when and to whom extension applications must be submitted, and guidelines about reasons for seeking extensions which are considered acceptable.

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