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Write an essay that discusses the relationship between Leadership and patient safety: 1200 words
Introduction: An opening sentence that introduces the topic. (150words)
General background information related to the topic.
Thesis statement
Outline of main ideas covered in body
No referenced information:
Body paragraph:1 ( 250 words)
Definition of leadership and definition of patient safety ( Intext citations)
Body paragraph:2 (600 words)
A concise description at least 2 leadership styles (Intext citations) (400 words)
( Clear concise comprehensive discussion)
A critical analysis of 2 or more leadership styles and how they may or may not promote patient safety using a specific issue to illustrate the discussion. (Intext citations) (200 words)
Conclusion: draws upon all significant points raised in the essay and draws these together in an expert manner. (100 words)
References: 10 APA style ( within 5 years)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1436 words including References

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