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ASSESSMENT 2: Family case study report
This 3000-word case study requires students to prepare an initial assessment report of a given case study family; outline a plan for intervention; and provide a reflective account of their own reactions, values and issues relevant to the situation presented. Students will choose one of three case studies to base their report on. These case studies will be provided in the third class (week beginning Monday 12th of August).
Due date: Friday 13th of September, 10:00pm
Weighting: 50%
Length and/or format: 3000 words essay/report format (sub-headings are acceptable)
Purpose: This assignment aims to help students to identify and develop
the key social work skills necessary for conducting social work assessments and interventions with families.
Learning outcomes assessed: LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4, LO5
How to submit: Via Turnitin inbox on the unit LEO site.
Return of assignment: Feedback will be returned electronically via LEO 3 weeks after submission.
Word limit in assessment The word limit for this assignment is 3000 words (plus or minus 10%). If an assignment exceeds the +/-10% word count, it will not be marked. You must include on your title page the actual word count for your assignment. Please note your reference list is not included in the word count but in text citations are. Text in tables and figures are included in the word count. Appendices are not included in the word count.
Assessment criteria: See Appendix 2 attached for assessment/marking criteria.
In this report, students will:
• Prepare an initial assessment report;
• Outline their plan for intervention/work with the family, including a justification of the choice of intervention based on their assessment / evidence;
• Provide a reflective account of their own reactions, values and issues related to the situation presented.
Social work practice with families is partly informed by a worker’s personal experience (their personal values and ethics), professional values and ethics, the context of practice, their role in their agency, perspectives, theories, approaches, models and strategies of family work as well as the needs and expectations of families. This assessment asks the student to develop an example of a social worker’s work with a family that demonstrates their understanding of the connections and interrelationships between these varying influences.
Your paper needs to include:
• A description of the family, their stated and perceived needs and current circumstances. This can be included as an appendix if needed.
• Conceptualisation of the family’s situation using the theory/theories of your choice, that you see as relevant to understanding the family’s situation and needs. Ensure you provide a rationale for the use of these theories, and their potential strengths and weaknesses when utilising them in the case example.
• Presentation of how your developing personal practice framework informs your work with families generally, and in particular with the family that you are discussing in this assessment. This needs to include an articulation of your personal values and experiences that influence how you engage the self in practice.
• Presentation of why particular approaches/models of social work practice with families have been identified as potentially helpful to this family, and the strategies that would be best employed. It is important to include a brief description of the model/s chosen and a rationale for their selection.
A minimum of 7 references is required for this assignment. These references should include unit readings to demonstrate your understanding of key theoretical approaches and practice concepts covered in this unit. A list of useful readings will be provided in the ‘assessment readings’ list in Leganto.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3469 words including References


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