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NIT2201- IT Profession & Ethics
ASSIGNMENT 1: An Analytical Essay on Online Privacy
Assignment 1: worth 25% of the grade for NIT2201
This assignment is 1,500 words essay on Online Privacy.
Submission is to be made on the VU Collaborate Assignment 1 Dropbox on or before Week 8 Friday, 4:59 PM. NO LATE SUBMISSION WILL BE ACCEPTED. ZERO MARK FOR PLAGIARISM.
You need to submit your essay as a word document. File name should include your student ID number. For example:
Assignment Objectives
The purpose of the assignment is to help prepare you to:
1. understand some of the important IT privacy concerns encountered by individuals and organisations dealing with digital materials, particularly the ability to control what information you reveal about yourself over the Internet, and to control who could access that information;
2. improve your library and research skills in finding relevant materials to an assignment task;
3. practise correct referencing of researched materials;
4. practise your writing of an opinion piece that incorporates and synthesizes researched materials. Deliverables
1. The essay should be about 1500 words. The essay must follow standard academic essay format with correct usages of vocabularies, grammar and language.
2. This essay should include at least 5 academic references (journal articles and/ or conference papers).
3. The background case study should provide a good starting point for research.
4. Commence your research for your essay by reading chapters from the text book Quinn (Chapter 5: Information Privacy & Chapter 6: Privacy and the Government) & Reynolds (Chapter 4: Privacy).
5. This essay should follow APA referencing style. Do not copy or cut and paste information from sources. This is plagiarism. Provide in-text references for every source of information. Provide a Reference List at the end of your essay.
6. You are recommended to complete the assessment in stages:
o Stage 1 (Week 5) – Brain storm – analysing the question/topic – Draft Mind map o Stage 2 (Week 6) – Research – Literature review - References o Stage 3 (Week 7) – Write a Draft
o Stage 4 (Week 8)- Edit and Write Final draft - Final submission
Assignment assistance will be provided during the tutorial class only. No assignment assistance will be provided via email.
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Task details
Online Privacy
Read the background case study as a starting point. Then research on two more case studies on online privacy, your essay should include your own opinion and the following issues in the discussion (not as a question/answer format, but as an embedded discussion in the essay):
1. What is privacy? What is digital privacy? Describe digital privacy in Australia.
2. What are the issues of concern raised around digital materials?
3. What are the options to consider ensuring digital privacy?
4. What are the measures to ensure users are protected on platforms like Facebook, Google and iCloud?
5. Do all people need same level of privacy? Do some, who are more vulnerable in some way, need privacy more than others?
6. Do you believe that our legislators should pass new laws to protect privacy, given the new technologies and products that now collect information about us?
7. Should individuals bear the responsibility of protecting their own privacy? In your experience, do most people understand the way in which their information is accessed, collected, or otherwise used online?
8. Discuss a functional comparison between current privacy law in the European Union and in the Australia, as such laws relate to the online privacy.
In completing this assignment, you are encouraged to discuss the topic with your classmates, however, you will submit an individual essay.
Your writing needs to be supported by references. To complete your essay, you will need to conduct further research online and in the library to address the given questions. The references need to come from legitimate sources. Each reference needs to be given with an in-text reference and listed at the end of your essay (not part of your word count). A well supported essay will include at least 5 references. You must use APA referencing style correctly and consistently.
Plagiarism is unacceptable and not tolerated by the University. Any person found plagiarising will face disciplinary action. Specific details are available in the policy on Academic Honesty and Preventing Plagiarism.
Background case study
Article published at the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner website.
Retail reward programs: what’s the price of loyalty?
Wednesday, 13 July 2016
Over 80 percent of us have a loyalty card — but are we aware of how much of our personal information is collected by each card? And do we know how, and where, it is used?
The Australian Privacy Commissioner has released an assessment of Coles and Woolworths’ loyalty programs, the two largest in the country, to see if the personal information they collect is handled transparently and in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.
The assessments show that both Coles’ flybuys and Woolworths Rewards each had appropriate privacy notices that were consistent with their practices. However, it’s important that we are all aware of the bargain we are making with retailers when we sign up for loyalty programs.
Each swipe of our loyalty card is another package of information that can form a picture about our identity. Businesses collect this information because it’s of great value to them, and so individuals need to make sure that they’re also getting a fair deal from the exchange. A key this is to read privacy policies, ask questions about how your data is used, and understand the bargain you’re entering when signing up.
Read our ten tips to protect your privacy for more advice on protecting your personal information. You can also call our office if you have any questions or concerns on 1300 363 992.
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Essay Content
(32) Essay Structure
Student ID................................
NIT 2201: IT Profession & Ethics
Assignment 1: Marking scheme Possible
marks: 50
T Topic Inadequate Needs improvement
Acceptable Well done Points
Privacy/ User profiling Not done or done inaccurately. (0-1) Attempted but generally poorly done. Information not clear. (2-3) Technically correct but either incomplete or a rambling description given.
(4) Explanations and description are correct and coherent throughout the essay. (5-7)
Loss of online privacy and threats
/Comparing legislation on online privacy Insufficient information or missing information. (0-2) Attempted but generally poorly done. Information not clear. (3-4) Satisfactory discussion of all topics. Information is generally correct.
(5) Explanations and description are correct and coherent throughout the essay Information is correct and relevant.
Opinion -
Two case studies on
Privacy No opinion offered or the opinion is rambling and unsupported. (0-2) Opinion is offered but it is presented in a rambling fashion. An attempt to support the opinion has been made.
(3-4) Opinion is given and generally supported by references. More detail needs to be given.
(5) The writer contrasts their opinion with others, offering references and evidence for their stand. (6-8)
Introduction & Conclusion A very poor attempt at Introduction and
Conclusion. (0-1) Some attempt at writing the Introduction and
But, not to an appropriate level, nor is clear. (2-3) Adequate
Introduction and Conclusion sections.
(4) Introduction presents a good background of the essay. Conclusion includes the summary of the major issues discussed. The viewpoint of author is clear.
Referencing No references
No paraphrasing. No in-text references.
Few references. Incorrect use. Incorrectly formatted as per APA style guide. No paraphrasing. No in-text references. (1-2) Few references. Appropriately used. Correctly formatted as per APA style guide.
Good attempt at paraphrasing with some in- text references.
Sufficient references. Effectively used. Correctly formatted as per APA style guide.
Sophisticated paraphrasing with effective in-text references.
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Student ID ................................
Assignment 1: Marking scheme (continued)
E Topic
(0-1) Needs improvement
Well done
(5-6) Points
(Grammar, Usage,
Mechanics) Sentences and paragraphs are difficult to read and understand due to poor grammar and construction. There are several grammar and sentence construction errors. Minimal grammar and sentence construction errors. Sentences are clear and there appearing to be no grammar or construction errors.
ESSAY clarity (Quality and Clarity of
Thought) and organization
(Organization, Development, Support) No apparent effort to
organize essay content.
The thoughts expressed in the writing do not appear organized or logical. Organization is difficult and confuses the reader. The essay is hard to follow due either to:
rambling format or jumping from one thought to another without appropriate connections. Essay is generally easy to follow and a basic structure is obvious.
Thoughts are generally organized with minor exceptions.
Reasonable attempt in addressing the research question/topic. Essay is very well written. It is easy to follow as there is a clear line of thought from beginning to end. Essay is a consistent whole. High quality information/data presented Good analysis and/or synthesis. Good discussion of results.
Assignment specification followed
ESSAY Overall impression Essay bears no resemblance to assignment instructions.
No evidence of any appreciation and/or understanding of professional integrity and/or ethics. Some directions followed but not all correctly. Serious deficiencies in appreciation and/or understanding of privacy and digital legacy issues.
Only rudimentary or token effort. Most of the specification followed correctly.
Shows a good understanding of the issues related to privacy in IT use and digital legacy.
Most statements are supported and can be justified using references All specification directions followed as described. Shows a thorough understanding of issues related to privacy in IT use, digital legacy in Australia and abroad.
Excellent support of statements using references

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1733 words including References

An Analytical Essay on Online Privacy

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