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Case Study - Ethics
You are required to complete a research-based case study assignment that is worth 15% of your overall grade in ACCG100. This will encourage you to explore ethical issues in business, using materials outside the unit texts.

Research internet, newspapers, and business magazines for a corporate case that has attracted media attention due to ethical issues. Write an ESSAY to address the following points using the case you chose.
1. Provide an overview of the companys background, i.e. its business operations, etc.
2. What ethical issue has arisen? Clearly explain the ethical dilemma faced by the involved parties.
3. Clearly identify and evaluate the stakeholders that were impacted by the ethical issue.
4. Was the decision made by the involved parties ethical? How would the business be positively/negatively impacted by the decision? Explain your answer.
5. Detail your original view on business ethics. How has your view changed after attending lectures and completing this case study assignment? Explain the differences and/or similarities to your original view.
The ethical issues under consideration do not necessarily have to be accounting related. You can choose either an Australian or international corporate case, but the case must be reported by the media after the year 2010.
Other requirements
Length: 1,000 words excluding references.
Structure: use essay structure (i.e. introduction + main body + conclusion + reference list).
Formatting: standard 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing, and side margins 2.5 wide.
Referencing: all sources (i.e. the work and ideas of others) cited and referenced using the Harvard referencing system. You need to provide both in-text references and the reference list.
Criteria and standards
The estimated workloac^^^^^^^^^^^^^S^^^^^^*

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1404 words including References

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