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MITS5003 Wireless Networks & Communication -
Assignment No 1
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1. Describe the difference between IP and Network Access layer in TCP protocol and also explain the control information embedded in these two layers.
2. The French and Chinese prime ministers need to come to an agreement by telephone, but neither speaks the other’s language. Further, neither has on hand a translator that can translate to the language of the other. However, both prime ministers have English translators on their staffs. Draw a diagram similar to Figure 1 to depict the situation, and describe the interaction and each level.
3. From the following figures, compute the maximum amplitude, frequency, time period and phase for each of the wave. The x-axis represents the time in sec and y-axis represents the amplitude.
4. Compute the amplitude, frequency, time period and phase for each of the following equations and also draw their respective waveforms.
a. 3??????(2??(200)??)
b. 14??????(2??(50)?? + 90)
c. 4??????(650???? + 180)
d. 6??????(700???? + 270)
5. Determine the isotropic free space loss at 6 GHz for the shortest path to a synchronous satellite from earth (35,863 km).
6. Given a signal as follows, compute the fundamental frequency, spectrum and bandwidth. Also calculate the channel capacity using Nyquest criteria using M= 2, 4, 8, where M is the number of levels.
??(??) = 5sin(100????) + sin(300????) + sin(600????)
7. Explain how the data rate over a channel can be increased, without increasing the bandwidth? What is the disadvantage of this approach?
Hint: Nyquist Theorem
8. What is the main difference between Packet switching and Circuit Switching? Also discuss the advantages of Packet switching over Circuit Switching and vice versa.
9. In a LOS communication, consider d = 60km, the requirement is to make two antennas (transmitter and receiver) such that the height of one antenna should be four time of the other. Considering this, find the appropriate heights of these two antennas.