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Program name is SLES (School Leavers Employment Supports) funded under NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme).
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Identifying a program or health initiative that your placement organisation is focusing on for a specific public health outcome (or health issue that requires a public health intervention. In order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the health issue you a required to present an evidence based case report. This assessment task is designed to give students a deeper evinced based understanding of a specific public health program and health issue that they will be required to develop or evaluate in assessment 2.
Students are required to write a case study report under the following headings on a program or health initiative that their placement organisation is focusing on and they will develop or evaluate in assessment 2
Introduction and background: What is the public health issue of proposed program and why? (Peer reviewed literature on the need, medical definition of issue, epidemiology)
Program outcome: Identify primary (and secondary if appropriate) program outcomes.
Evidence based intervention: Provide outline of program elements and the current evidence as to why the program has utilised the identified elements
Program Status: Outline the time line and current status of the program or initiative (Has the program started, who will the program target? how long has the program been running, how many people have participated to date, what is the expected duration of the project)
Development or Evaluation Plan: Outline what you recommend for the planned development or evaluation method.
You will be assessed on the following:
? The quality and comprehensive public health understanding of your chosen health issue, and the quality of the background information on this issue.
? Ability to identify primary program outcome
? The level of evidence based description you have provided for the outlined program elements
? Clarity and detail of program status and time line
? Evidence of appropriate theory based methods chosen to develop or evaluate program outcomes in assessment 2
? Spelling, grammar, formatting and referencing are critical in report documents of this nature.
? Attention to detail will earn you extra marks and make your work professional and easy to read.
Some information on the program:
Program name is SLES (School Leavers Employment Supports) funded under NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme).
Sites to know about the organisation and the program :
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Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1184 words including References

Case study based report on health issue

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