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42003 Task 1 Final Project
(100 Marks) Content 35%
Knowledge 35%
Communication 30%
Report Components
• An introductory section about the background of the engineering problem addressed
• A literature review section addressing the state-of-the-art of research relating to the research question and establishing the relevance and significance of the project
• A methodology section defining the research design and the methods of data collection and processing
• An analysis section presenting the result of data processing leading to the major findings of research
• A discussion section justifying validity of research findings (this is only one function of a discussion section, not the only function )
• A concluding section which outlines how the project results have addressed the research question and provides recommendations for future research and/or professional practice.
Knowledge (35%)
• Appropriate research methodology
• Robustness of research design
• Systems thinking
• Validity and value of research findings within domain
Content (35%)
• Literature review
• Data collection
• Data analysis
• Synthesis of data into relevant results/findings
Written communication features (30%)
• Clear definition and focus of the research question
• Clear analysis and synthesis
• Critical perspective on research
• Clear justification of research methodologies
• Convincing arguments for the significance of the research
• Appropriate academic language
• Well structured (presentation and organisation) and correct referencing as per Harvard-UTS style
• Length of the final report should have a body of at least 7000 words
High Distinction (85-100%) An outstanding 42003 Final Project Report provides the reader a comprehensive and insightful understanding of each of the components.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 8088 words including Diagrams, Graphs and References

Topic: A systematic analysis of design for additive manufacturing – current state and research trends

Note: It is based on previous assignment

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