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This assignment is based on the case study of -rainbow Illusion- retail chain and required to prepare a report to CEO evaluating its processes, risks, internal controls for revenue cycle.Assignment Components: Please check the attachment and go through Assignment StructureWord Count: 2000
Unit Title Strategic Information Systems fo
Assessment -11-vp. Individual assignment
Assessment -riti. Case Study — Rainbow Illusion
Purpose of the Students are required to:
assessment (with LJLC) Mapping) . (Describe the various transact systems and e-commerce. (U
Understand the risks inhei
commerce, the role of ethics_ to be in place. (ULC) 4-) Appreciate the opportunitie electronic commerce that ne
Weight 20% of the total assessments
Total Pilarks 20
Word limit Not more than 2,500 words
0... I: at. Week 6, Friday 5:00 pm (AEST)
Submission . All work must be submitted c Assignment Cover Page.
Guidelines 4i. The assignment must be in N, margins on all four sides of Ny numbers.
Reference sources must be c at the end in a reference list i
H15019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise
Assignment Structure
The report should include the following cornponer
4. Assignment cover page clearly stating your
• A table of contents, executive summary
• A brief introduction or overview of what th
• Body of the report with sections to answer
• List of references
The report should be grounded on relevant literature a in the reference list.
IN/larking criteria
ralairkirig criteria
Strengths in Rainbow Illusions system for control li n. Problerris that Rainbow Illusion has avoided by incor system for control I i ng sales transactions
Situational pressures that would increase the likelih. Reasons for companies to install a distributed comp centralised one
Research quality
11-C3TAL Weiglat
H15019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Entei
Assignment si
Rainbow Illusion is a 30-store retail chain cc:-1cent ready-to-wear clothes for young females. Each stcy age r, both of whom are paid a salary. The cashier, working part-time who are paid an hourly wage company uses unsophisticated cash registers with f, These sales invoices are used regardless of the pay!
On the sales floor, the salesperson manually record!, (clothes, class, description, quantity, and unit price when appropriate, calculates the sales tax, and pre-the sales invoice to the cashier, retaining one copy
The cashier re-views the invoice and inputs the sa invoice, automatically assigning a consecutive n responsible for getting credit approval on charge cashier gives one copy of the invoice to the custor and the third for a bankcard, if a deposit is nee manner, with the cashier issuing a return slip.
At the end of each day, the cashier sequentially ordIE for cash, bankcard, cheque sales, and cash and cred assistant manager to the cash register tapes, the to and the return slips. The assistant manager prey managers review.
The manager reviews cash, cheque, and credit car (credit card sales invoices are included in the depo and files the validated deposit slip.
The cash register tapes, sales invoices, and retur processing department at corporate headquarters returns a weekly sales and commission activity rep,
Prepare a report to Chief Executive Officer of RainE
internal controls for its revenue cycle. In your repo
• Identify six strengths in Rainbow s
• For each strength identified, explain what p incorporating the strength in the system for
• Identify two situational pressures in a comp the likelihood of fraud.
• Explain why some companies would choose than a centralised one.
H15019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Eaten