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SEE344: Assignment 2 Problems T2, 2019
Question 1: A system with unity feedback is shown in figure (1),
where G(s)=3/{s(s+5)}.
(a) Determine the closed-loop transfer function of the systems. (5 marks).
(b) Derive the output (i.e., y(t) ) of the system when the input is a unit step input, R(s) = . (5 marks)
(c) The open-loop transfer function is now replaced by G(s) = . Carefully explain in terms of the s(s+3) percentage overshoot, damping ratio and steady state value, how you would expect the response of the output of the system when the input is a unit step input. Use MATLAB to plot the response of the output to a unit-step input. Include in all the MATLAB codes in your answers (10 marks)
Q2 (10 marks): A second-order system has the closed-loop transfer function T(s)=Y(s)/R(s). The system specifications for a unit step input is as follows:
Q3 (15 marks):

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