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Assignment 3: Agricultural Climate Impact & Adaptation Assessment
3,500 words; 65%
Task: You will construct an assessment of the likely impacts and potential adaptation options of climate change on a particular industry in one agricultural region. Select one of the following industries:
- Viticulture
- Horticulture (choose a particular commodity, e.g. cherries or lettuce)
- Cropping (choose a particular commodity, e.g. wheat or rice)
- Livestock (choose a particular commodity, e.g. beef or pork)
- Dairy
- Aquaculture
For the industry and the region selected outline the predicted climate changes relevant to the industry and region. Describe the major impacts of climate change on production including impacts from temperature, rainfall and extreme events. Outline options for adapting to these impacts.
In constructing your assessment consider barriers and/or trigger points above agricultural practices such as financial pressure, policy or institutional constraints and social aspects.
NOTE: An agricultural region a small area, not a whole country! You are not doing yourself any favours choosing a large area as the climate will vary. Most agricultural regions are classified such due to their climate being the same across that area.
When deciding on which region you will choose I suggest you do a google search on regions for the country and industry of your choice. Usually you will get a list of regions and often a map. Choose one only.
Below are examples of Australian dairy regions and Italian wine regions:

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 4637 words including Graphs and References


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